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David deangelo mastery with women and dating torrent

Check out his full program catalog, jam-packed with new ideas and techniques that deliver results.

These programs are the best on the planet for getting you the life with women you want.

We were unimpressed by how much of the book was simply a regurgitation of the free material.

And all the sneaky, amazing tips and tricks which are promised just aren’t there. Be “cocky and funny.” And “don’t be a wimpy nice guy.” Um, ok?

This is like telling someone who wants to become a master chef to “not burn the food.” The David De Angelo products harp on this single point – don’t be a nice wimp – as well as the point that We agree that teasing is an essential part of flirting, it’s important have a backbone, and yes, meet a lot of women. But after reading the book, we weren’t left with much more than that. – You pay for “David De Angelo” to drive this one point home again and again – with various stories, anecdotes, and reproaches – while you keep thinking the is just around the corner!

And we got that info from David De Angelo’s website for free! Reading “Double Your Dating” is like waiting for a train that never comes.

David De Angelo, real name Eben Pagan, is the man behind “Double Your Dating” – a series of informational products on how to single men become masters of seduction. Yes, we were prepared to like this one, and wanted to give it a 0 / 5 on our snake-oil scam scale. Eben Pagan is a well known internet marketer who calls himself “the guru entrepreneur.” He makes millions of dollars selling info-products like Double Your Dating. This guy is admittedly one of the very best at sneaky marketing tricks so people pull out their wallets.

In our opinion, David De Angelo’s “Double Your Dating” is a scam – both for overpromising and underdelivering, and for its lack of specific advice, which it promises so blatantly.

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David De Angelo (real name Eben Pagan) is an American entrepreneur and author.

So is David De Angelo’s “Double Your Dating” a scam or not? It’s a classic case of over-promising, under-delivering.

Take everything the sales letter says with a grain of salt.


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  2. Republished with permission from mASF Forum. This was inner game relating to ALL areas of life. On day one, David DeAngelo made it clear that this was going to be a different type of seminar than what we are all used to.

  3. Double Your Dating Book Learn the foundation of David DeAngelo’s teachings. Exact steps and specific directions to help you be more successful with women

  4. Double Your dating LIVE! With David DeAngelo. 1 ©2003 All Rights. Double Your Dating LIVE. Chicago Nov 8-9, 2003 With. Meeting Women Online.

  5. David Deangelo Online Dating Download. The Inner Circle Dating Website. They are probably online dating position paper the most profound insights about meeting women.

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