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When 29-year-old Katie Winder joined a new gym recently in her hometown of Orem, Utah, she received a free personal training session.

She was excited for the one-on-one time—especially since she’s a trainer herself, and she was curious to be on the other side of things, getting a client’s perspective.

“I would like to be the final winner,” Di Marco said. Maybe in another venue, or another kind of reincarnation.

You know, another approach to the modeling world.”“I'm just kind of trying to figure out which agency I want to sign with,” Di Marco admitted. and then hopefully working with big companies, whether it's modeling brands or, you know, acting. I want to break more barriers, truly.” “Well, right now, I'm single,” Di Marco confessed.

Deaf SAFE provides workshops for community members, law enforcement, hospitals and medical centers and nonprofit organizations at no charge. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this program are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

This project was supported by 2014-UD-AX-0005 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.

“The contracted therapists could not keep up with the in-district case load therefore it is impossible for them to provide services at Katzenbach,” Whitfield said.

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For Winder, fitness has transformed her approach to nutrition, self-care, and happiness, and she knows that some who are deaf and hard of hearing could see those same benefits—as long as they get the communication they need.“I want to help people accomplish their goals and overcome their personal barriers toward leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying fitness,” she says.“I was in a longterm relationship, for about 10 years on and off, but you know, our paths went different ways. The city’s special education failures have spilled over to another district.After breaking up with her boyfriend, 26-year-old India Morse, a U.K.-based fitness blogger who was born deaf, was looking for a way to get over her ex and re-channel her energy.“Katzenbach should take an active role and work and work cooperatively with Trenton to procure OT and PT for all enrolled students whose IEPs require the services.” Both Trenton and Katzenbach were determined noncompliant and DOE ordered corrective action.The advocacy group that filed the complaint, however, put the all blame on Trenton’s shoulders.“But that shouldn’t prevent deaf and hard of hearing from being involved in fitness, nor should it prevent trainers from working with them.”Overcoming the kind of communication issues she saw at the gym that day was one of the reasons that Winder became a trainer in the first place.In 2011, she moved from a small town in rural Nevada to Utah to pursue a computer science degree at Utah Valley University, but she switched her focus to exercise science after getting more active in sports and going on hiking adventures on weekends.The more time she spent in the fitness industry, the more she noticed the glaring communication barriers for the deaf and hard of hearing in most gyms and group fitness classes.So in 2016, she decided to become a trainer so she could help make fitness a reality for those people.


  1. Feb 26, 2015. I've met Deaf people who swear they'd never go out with a hearing. Do they stay at home with their boyfriend or girlfriend, or go out with their.

  2. May 29, 2013. If you have a deaf or hard of hearing friend/loved one/brand new. I knew my boyfriend was a keeper when he refused to see movies without.

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