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Derek rake online dating

This means that if you’re into “one night stands” or the latest tricks in getting phone numbers off girls you meet at random places, you’d probably want to go elsewhere… Indeed, you might only want to “enslave” one (or two! Needless to say, Shogun Method is NOT for everyone. This is especially true if you have moral values that discourage manipulating women.

It’s also not ideal for men who are NOT looking for a lifelong relationship.

The Black Rose technique is only meant to be used on the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. As a result, the woman got so emotionally addicted to him that she just couldn’t leave.

The guy begged Derek Rake and his team of coaches to help him “un-hypnotize” the woman.

I do not get paid for writing this review of the Shogun Method.

It’s important for me to clarify this upfront because most of the stuff you read on the Internet now is pretty much junk and dishonest.

Or is he just another shady pickup artist “guru” after your money?

There’s nothing in this program which is about “picking up women” at all.

It was downright embarrassing when my friends called when they saw those pictures on Facebook.

(My sister even threatened to fly over to Thailand and bitch-slap her on my behalf.) She was playing hardcore mind games on me. 🙁 Sick with heartbreak and torment, I decided to take action.

Its over 17,000 users is the ultimate proof, with many of whom have given glowing testimonials.

Shogun Method’s main advantage over other seduction programs is this: It’s focused on the endgame.


  1. Read this review first before you plunge into Derek Rake's programs. Seriously, do. To sidetrack a little be careful when you read product reviews online. This is especially true for dating and “seduction” products, unfortunately. On the.

  2. Shogun Method® is Derek Rake's flagship course, drawing from the most potent. Derek Rake's Online Dating Playbook ODP is a collection of the best of.

  3. Oct 2, 2017. I mean, who knows who is being truthful online, especially when they get. 2 Shogun Method Is Beyond Seduction; 3 Derek Rake “Shogun Method Is. You should go pick up pun very much intended a dating ebook and be.

  4. Jan 21, 2017. Derek Rake came to the SIBG lair here in Baltimore to speak during the. as well for example, online dating, or even texting if done correctly.

  5. Jan 16, 2018. About Derek Rake;; About Derek's program, Shogun Method;; The pros and cons of Derek's dating advice system; and; My interview with one of.

  6. Derek Rake is the founder of Shogun Method, the world's one and only dating system based on.

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