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In addition to configuring DDNS, you can configure your DNS server to use WINS for name resolution.To perform this function, open the DNS console, right-click on your forward lookup zone, and select Properties (Figure D).Anyone have any idea how to make this work properly?Have you tested to see if it's a domain member issue by joining a test culprit to the domain and then seeing if it updates DNS dynamically?If you select Active Directory-Integrated, you can choose Secure only from the Dynamic Updates drop-down list.If AD is not running, your choice is simply Yes or No to allow dynamic updates.For example, a client machine receives an IP address from DHCP and then DHCP automatically (as long as it is configured to support DDNS) passes along the host information for that machine to the DNS service.This feature alone can save an administrator a lot of valuable time.

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As to setting up write, well, it's pretty simple: Open System Preferences Click Sharing Click Edit under the Computer Name box Check off Use dynamic global hostname Type in the desired hostname in the Hostname box Put the name of the key you created on the server in the User box (in the example, bonjour.example.com) Put your DNSSEC key in the Password box Check off Advertise services in this domain using Bonjour if you want to publish SRV records Click OKCongratulations!

Most of this has been fixed in 10.7.2 and up so you may need to patch them if they're below that waterline.

I saw one related post/thread stating that their issue was scavenging wasn't enabled. Edit the requisite file on the mac in question to make sure it's giving back a FQDN, if the file is not already correctly that way. I can check the scavenging setting, but I doubt it would be an issue since the DNS zones are mostly blank.

A pair of Server 2012R2 DC's that run DHCP/DNS on them.

Most of our machines are not domain joined (or even Windows).


  1. How to enable or disable DNS updates in Windows 2000 and. but not reverse lookups PTR resource record. updating when an update try does not.

  2. What is a PTR record and how to add one. a PTR record is sometimes called Reverse DNS Record. The purpose of a PTR record is mostly administrative.

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