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Did brenda song dating joe jonas

Or some magical things may be clearly magical, and others more ambiguous.

Dating History: Trace Cyrus*, Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama* (present)Before dating Joe, Demi had a brief relationship with Trace in 2009 that ended right as they went public.

If they do, see Doing In the Wizard (or Scientist), Jossed, Magic A Is Magic A, all of which tend to exclude this trope.

Often comes into play with Angel Unaware, and does when characters say Because Destiny Says So about situations that could be interpreted as Contrived Coincidence. Compare Ambiguous Ending; and Fantastique (from The Other Wiki), a genre of fiction typified by supernatural phenomena that is not explained to the reader or the main characters, hinting at a magical occurrence..

A common effect is to offer a mundane explanation of how something happen.

(Such as never trying to eliminate the purported cause and establish that the effect does end.) The verifiable presence of magic in the world does not preclude this trope; in Fantasy works, this may come into play for divine intervention, or rare forms of magic (vs ordinary forms as well as mundane).


  1. Is Disney star Brenda Song dating Joe Jonas. They were seen holding hands at Disneyland when they went with the Cheetah Girls and then Brenda went to a.

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