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Did stabler and benson start dating

"She's always like, ' Wouldn't it be great if [Benson] could actually be in a relationship? "I think she felt that they had pretty good chemistry too." However, their coupling is about to hit a rough patch – and not just by the social media-friendly fan base.

In Wednesday's episode, the first of what Leight calls an "intense" two-parter, their relationship will be "tested severely," he says.

"You could argue when he went after people in the squad room, whether it was Amaro or Stabler, it was usually in response to moments where they appeared to have abused their power or they appeared to have overreached.

We perceive it as unjust because these guys are our heroes but he's doing his job." It's the dedication to doing the right thing no matter what that he shares with Olivia.

Although some were happy to see a man in Benson's life above the age of 5 – sorry, Noah – others vehemently objected to the pairing."They both take their jobs very seriously," Leight adds.Although Leight is well aware it would have been easier to simply introduce an entirely new character to date Benson, he was inspired by previous Tucker appearances to take their relationship to a deeper level."I think some of the people hadn’t seen his character and his relationship to the squad evolving in the last five years.So they say, ' Well, he arrested Olivia.' Well, in that episode when he arrested Olivia, she was being framed perfectly," Leight says.He then used that stolen information for a front-page scoop. Benson and York's relationship happened off-camera before the series begins.But we do get to sort of meet York and learn a bit about him.I hesitate to even put Weber on this list, but he and Benson did share a cup of coffee once.Weber was an artist and hacker who popped up as a suspect in one of the SVU's investigations, only to insert himself into their next one."Her relationship with Tucker complicates things enormously for her." The episode centers on a group of girls being trafficked largely from a Catholic school in the Bronx who are being worked at a party where everyone in attendance is either a judge, a cop, a district attorney, an assemblyman or a councilman.The question quickly becomes, "who's running their ring, who's benefiting from this ring and who is going to do everything they can to make sure SVU doesn’t find out the truth," Leight says.


  1. I'm Still Not Over. Benson and Stabler never getting. between onetime partners Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson. I don’t know how the show did it.

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