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Dr laura schlessinger dating

"Conscience" is defined as the internalization of such rules.

The Christian enjoys something so much better - a relationship with the living, resurrected Lord.

Unless the standards are determined by God, the Creator and ultimate Judge of all the earth, there is no basis whatsoever for universal moral absolutes. Christians, having been given God's absolute moral standards through the Scripture, uphold those standards in humility, knowing that all have sinned, that no one is righteous (Romans -18,23).

We minister in love to restore those who have fallen into sin, balancing biblical truth with mercy and compassion. On those rare occasions when religion is mentioned at all, Schlessinger clearly equates it with a set of rules to be followed.

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All Schlessinger can provide is yet another "self-help" program, despite claims that her plan is something new and different.

Christians would initially share Schlessinger's concern about the welfare of children in situations where the actions of adults leave them in a broken home.

However, Schlessinger's general focus on consequences is one that omits from consideration.

She maintains the existence of a strong connection between childhood trauma and adult behavior which can be helped by psychotherapy (, p. What she does is to shift the primary emphasis away from seeking "insights" into past history, to taking responsible action in the present.

As Christians, we must reject the assumption that childhood trauma specific reactions.


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