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However, those who felt insecure in their relationships in waking life had distressing dreams of their partners which often included conflicts and abandonment.

So, the more secure the relationship was in waking life, the more secure the relationship was in dreams – and vice versa.

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After checking to see that all is well, the baby goes back to the uterus to continue growing.

The good news here is that these dreams very rarely turn out to be precognitions of an event that is to come.

New scientific research shows that these kinds of dreams actually stem from our own subconscious fears and insecurities. Dylan Selterman and researchers at the University of Maryland decided to study the kind of dreams people have about their romantic partners and how those dreams related to their level of security (or lack) in their relationship. Selterman and his colleagues asked a sample group of people all in committed relationships to keep a record of their dreams for two weeks.

Although everyone dreams every night, the dreams of pregnant women tend to be packed with emotion -- a reflection of the dramatic life changes she's about to undergo. Feelings of ambivalence -- about motherhood, your changing role, and new responsibilities -- are normal.

Just because you have these feelings doesn't mean you don't want to have a baby.


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