Dyke dating

According to Earl and Lady Sarah Spencer, it was Jane who informed them about Diana’s death in the early hours of the morning in 1997.

Her brother Earl Charles Spencer accused photographers and the media of having “blood on their hands” in a statement made shortly after her death was announced.

In footage from the time, both sisters appear shell-shocked and traumatized, especially as they arrived back in the UK with their sister's coffin.

Lady Sarah recalls feeling nothing but shock in the hours and days between Diana’s death and funeral, but in a recent interview with the BBC, her harshest words were saved for the media.

Lady Jane has avoided the spotlight since speaking at her sister's funeral in 1997, so this will be one of the only times the public has heard from her in more than two decades.

But those close to the royals aren't surprised by Diana's sisters' involvement in the nuptials.


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