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It was ridiculous, but, lucky for him, we both started cracking up.” –Laurel, 30, Indianapolis “My first date in college was with a guy named Ian. I got super dressed-up and went to the campus bar to meet him.

Maybe my friends and I are unique, but you can be the judge of that.I know when I was little and every time I went to the doctors the nurse would want taking my rectal temp, I'd always protest it and she always won.I remember countless times when she would pull the thermometer out and hold it up there would be poop smeared on it, and I will never forget how embarrassed I would be.My question for this poll is How many of you remember a rectal temp being taken and when it was pulled out.. and What was your responce or how did you feel with seeing it?It could be a cathartic moment where you've been holding a lot of stress in your body and now it's rippled out of you alongside your orgasm or it could be that you've suffered a recent trauma and this experience is bringing it back up. It can come off as deceptive to a guy, that you were holding back pretty intense feelings and went ahead and jumped into bed while ignoring them.One friend noted, "There was another time when I started SOBBING while having sex with a guy because I had just been through a really horrible breakup in which I had found out that my boyfriend of four years had cheated on me." No matter how the waterworks start, it certainly spoils the mood. However, most of the guys I know would switch quickly from confusion to sympathy, hearing you out while still hoping we can salvage a romp the next morning. There have been whole episodes of sitcoms based around a woman or man feeling comfortable enough to fart in front of someone they just started dating. Kristin said, "I slept over at a guy's house and kept waking myself throughout the night because I was farting.But I knew that nothing would kill the vibe more than if I screamed bloody murder." A woman may be horrified but a true gentleman will actually be reassuring, although likely suggest a shower pretty quickly in order to move on from this particular moment. " A number of female friends I talked to called this the "phantom condom" where the condom came off inside them and, as my friend Liz said, she became accustomed to pulling the "Let me just go ahead annnnnd take care of this by myself in the bathroom." To be honest? Of the guys I polled the predominant thing he's thinking is whether his semen is still (hopefully) in the condom or if there's a chance some has slipped out and he's gotten you pregnant. As high school as it may sound, some men are still sensitive about the size of their package; a regular size condom coming off during sex fuels that anxiety.Scenario: The Case of the Phantom Condom You're having fun, it's getting hot, and there are screams and moans, you cum, and then relax in each other's arms. In the grand scheme of embarrassing things that can happen this isn't so bad though.I guess I drunkenly gave my number to a random guy at a party who happened to have the same name as this cute guy in my architecture class.It was super embarrassing but I made myself stick it out with a smile until the date ended.” –Cassie, 29, Boston “I was on a date with a handsome guy and it was going well until he started getting very handsy and I think maybe even tried to slip something in my drink—though this detail is a bit unclear in my memory—but needless to say, his behavior made me uncomfortable. When a new one comes out I meet with people in bookstores, universities, and meditation centers . If this happened with a one-night stand it ended up ruining future hook up possibilities. Unfortunately, the guys I polled said that was a major mood killer.


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  2. Embarrassing sex stories? Don't. of sitcoms based around a woman or man feeling comfortable enough to fart in front of someone they just started dating.

  3. Most Embarassing Experiences. Read 6489 times. I know when I was little and every time I went to the doctors the nurse would want taking my rectal temp.

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