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Trying to improve my throwing skills at basic distances and add certain accurancy to the throws also. Knifethrowing instructor for beginners at Tapanilan Urheilukeskus in Helsinki. Claude Lalyre Paris Interested in martial arts and action movies...Philippe Catania Corsica Blog Maitre Lanceur I speak Francais, and quite some Deutsch and English. I started out with screwdrivers but switched to real knives about a year ago. If any thrower plans a visit to Corsica, he can contact me! Michel Dujay - Artist Saint-Jean-de-Luz My show / Mon spectacle "Bison fou"My knive shop / Ma boutique des couteaux a lancer et mon DVD pédagogique I speak Francais only. Throwing knives for more than 30 years now, it became one of my dearest hobbies.

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In this list, you will hopefully find knife throwers (and axe throwers! If you do not want your email address to show up on the list, we can give you an anonymous address and forward the emails to you.

Depuis quelques mois nous sommes une groupe de passionnés à lancer la hache et les couteaux.

Christian Thiel South Germany I speak English, Deutsch and Francais.

We travel around fairs, festivals and playgrounds and practice and teach throwing to young and old.

We are a little circus, with unicycles, juggling, archery, knifethrowing. We participate in medieval fairs and festivals all over Europe.


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