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Expat women dating singapore

This is another area of dating that an expat should approach cautiously.

While some Singaporeans may be agreeable to the idea of one-night stands, others may be against it.

Do not be surprised if some of these dates are organised as group dates, which involves other couples, usually friends, together with you.

This is quite a common practice in Singapore as group dates allows one to get to know his/her date while maintaining a safe space to prevent unwanted situations.

Generally, in Singapore, it is acceptable to chat the member of the opposite sex up and subsequently exchange numbers.

Due to the Asian values that have been inculcated by families and institutions, most Singaporeans often adopt a careful approach to dating.This is usually followed up by an exchange of text messages and/or phone calls, which often leads to the arranging of a date.Do not be surprised if you find yourself being rejected for bluntly asking a Singaporean out for a date in the first few minutes of meeting, when the only information they know about you is your name and your array of pick-up lines.Due to the Asian values of Singaporeans, it is quite common that a single man/woman often stay with their parents.As such, some Singaporean families are often quite involved in the dating lives of their children, to the extent of accepting their children’s partner as part of the family (especially if they have been dating for a significant period of time).Many politicians and analysts believe that Singapore cannot sustain its economic growth and development at its current population level and that there needs to be a significant increase in the size of workforce.However, since the 1980s marriage and birth rates in the country have been declining.However, authorities are concerned that far too many of them are leaving it far too late.Therefore, since the 1980s the government has been extremely proactive in both encouraging and incentivizing Singaporeans to marry and have children.It is quite normal to be invited to family events such as birthdays, gatherings, weddings or even weekly outings and dinners.So be prepared to face the flurry of questions that may come your way from family members and relatives, especially the famous “When are you both getting married?


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