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Fee sex chat rooms for ipad

On May 20th I was informed my service would be setup on June 8th between 1-4. The tech did not show up I didnt receive an email, phone call, or anything regarding that the tech wasn’t going to show up.I spoke with 3 different reps about the issues and they informed me that they were lack of Techs to service my area and the order has been placed on hold.This tech was very nice and accommodating and although it took some pulling teeth on his end, he was able to get the job changed to the new address without having to reschedule the appointment.The tech stated that the dish on the side of the new house had been there for over 5 years (it had old cable that hadn’t been used by DTV in about that long) and that he would change out the cable to the type DTV was using now. Fast forward to now…and the remaining installation fee.

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Reply I called Direct Tv to have my service transferred to my new home.

My issue has been with this latest install debacle and the customer service that followed.

I have talked to multiple rude representatives and HORRIBLE supervisors.

In late 2017, AT&T’s planned over-the-top service for Direc TV won’t require a satellite dish or a receiver to receive Direc TV programming, but simply a high-speed internet connection. Fine…Great…do the work, pay the install fee, right? For each of these issues, I was given a credit (one and one )totaling 0, leaving an balance for install fee.

Direc TV Now will be available through digital media players and devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Answer 1: The phone number for Direc TV is (310) 964-5000. I was given an explanation that those credit amounts were the only ones that were available at the time and that I should return a call to talk to a supervisor who could help rectify the rest of the balance.


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