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That’s reasonable and — as long as you’re calm throughout all of this — any reasonably functional office is going to support your right to tell him to back off.

In episode 2 of The Science Inside, we looked at the ARV shortages that continually plague South Africa’s public health system, some of the myths surrounding HIV treatment and local research into new kinds of therapies. The Science Inside is produced by The Wits Radio Academy with funding from The Department of Science & Technology.

At 26, I am the youngest worker in my (small) office, though this is not my first professional post-college job.

For the most part I really enjoy what I do, have gotten really good feedback, and am friendly with the rest of the staff.

The 5.2L FPC program contributed to delaying the 5.0 Eco Boost program, but this V8 Twin-Turbo program is now on track again, and will make it’s debut in the next GT5 F-150 Raptor, and could possibly become a second-motor option for the 2017 model year Raptor” We are also told that the new 10-speed automatic transmission that will be found in the 2016 3.5L V6 Eco Boost Raptor will be the same transmission utilized in the V8 Raptor, whether it goes on sale as a 2017 model year, or 2018.

“The Raptor will ultimately be a two-motor truck – that was the plan all along – much like you have the option for the Eco Boost V6 or 5.0 V8 in other F-150 models.

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You’re not starting with “what’s your weird fixation on this” — you’re starting with “I don’t want to discuss it” and escalating in seriousness from there.

This is compounded by the fact that I live with my grandparents.

I am saving a lot of money, but it drives home to Coworker that I’m childish, need to grow up, etc.

You’re allowed at that point to write him off as an ass.

It’s also reasonable at that point to say to him, “I’m baffled. ” He may respond that he’s concerned for you, wants you to grow up, blah blah blah, at which point you can say, “I don’t know how to make this clearer.


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