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Included in the blog is an overview of different backup methodologies, overview of logical and physical backups, and some best practices and guidelines you can follow.

In the blog “The Choice of My SQL Storage Engine and its Impact on Backup Procedures” we discuss how the selection of different types of storage engines (like My ISAM, Inno DB, etc) can have an impact on your backup strategy. Backup Strategies for My SQL Galera Cluster” we discuss the different options available to you when making your backup and restore plan with special focus on doing it in a way that does not affect performance.

In our blog “How to Perform Efficient Backups for My SQL and Maria DB” we discuss a number of ways to backup My SQL and Maria DB, each of which comes with pros and cons.

In the blog “Cluster Control Tips & Tricks - Best Practices for Database Backups” we should how to effectively manage your backup plan using Cluster Control.

Most organizations do not realize they have a problem with database backups until they need to restore the data and find it’s not there or not in the form that they were expecting.

In addition to the whitepaper there are two webinars focused on backups that you can watch on-demand.We’re making all the 2015 demo videos available so everyone can watch them – 25 videos in all, mostly in WMV format.I did the same thing the last few years for the 2014 videos, 2013 videos, 2012 videos, and 2011 videos.Cluster Control provides you with sophisticated backup and failover features using a point-and-click interface to easily restore your data if something goes wrong and can be your DBA-sidekick when it comes to building an effective backup strategy.There are many aspects to consider though when building such a strategy.Reacting to these failures is a key component of the administrator’s responsibilities and their ability to react correctly depends on whether they have a well-planned strategy for database backups and recovery.Pixar’s “Toy Story 2” famously almost never happened due a command line mis-run causing the movie to be deleted and an in-effective backup strategy in place.“My SQL Tutorial - Backup Tips for My SQL, Maria DB & Galera Cluster” and “Become a My SQL DBA - Deciding on a Relevant Backup Solution.” Each of these webinars offer tips and best practices on building a backup plan and summarize much of the content that is available throughout our website.In the blog “Become a My SQL DBA - Backup and Restore” we provide a high-level overview of backups and restores when managing a My SQL environment.This blog post provides a series of best practices on how to fully restore a My SQL or Maria DB Galera Cluster from backup.Read the Blog This blog post covers the new backup features available in Cluster Control version 1.4.


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