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Let's unite our hearts and minds, and call on our legislators to raise revenue for the common good. Along with our affiliate organizations in 20 states, we represent a combined membership of more than 5,000 bilingual and English-as-a-second-language teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, university professors and students, researchers, advocates, policymakers, and parents.

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and subsequent Tuesdays, -9 a.m., at Woodland Park Aurora pedestrian overpasses, meet on the northernmost pedestrian overpass in Woodland Park 2 blocks south of N 59th St., Seattle, Access from Green Lake Way (turn by tennis courts) to the Upper Woodland parking lot;, Author of Food Rebels, Guerilla Gardeners, and Smart-Cooking Mamas shares stories of folks all over the country who are fighting back to restore our precious food systems.

To address this growing threat of intolerance, this event will focus on the teachings of tolerance and mutual respect.

The event titled As Seattle's waterfront transforms into a dynamic civic heart for the city, this series of forums invites community members to participate and share their ideas about its future through interactive, themed discussions and hands-on activities. Film Miss Representation, A powerful documentary on distortion of women by the media and society!

Faithful Action in Transforming Homelessness and Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness invite you to go Beyond the One Night Count with Advocacy 101 on Go Beyond the One Night Count and take action to urge our elected officials to make ending homelessness a priority in Washington State.

This is a great location and an opportunity for women to express their support of women and men who are determined to rid the injustices of the world nonviolently and through diplomatic means, Men are invited to stand with us.


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