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The police bring a strange man to him, a man who seems to know more about Dr Frame than is possible.

However he claims to have been born in 1962, which may not seem strange until you realise that this is set in 1962!

It's significant they do not go to see him for ages, but merely chat in the back room of the pub.

(BBC scheduled: Oct 21st 1966, shown Nov 18th 1966) Dec 1966: A Tale of Two Wives (BBC), A Tot At The Local (ATV), A Hero Of Modern Industry (ATV), The First Thing You Think of (ATV), Julie's Gone (Rediffusion) Feb 1967: Days in the Trees (BBC), Cry Baby Bunting (ATV), A Drug on the Market (ATV) Mar 1967: The Happy Sacking (ABC), Any Number Can Play (ABC), The Exploding Azalea (ABC) Apr 1967: A World of Time (ABC) Jul 1967: Another Branch of the Family (ABC), Difference of Opinion (ATV), Difference of Opinion (ATV) Aug 1967: One Fat Englishman (Granada) Sept 1967: The Voysey Inheritance (ATV) Dec 1967: Top of the Ladder (Granada), The Day of the Tortoise (Rediffusion) Jan 1968: The Curtis Affair(ATV), Lucky for Some (Rediffusion), The Photographer (Anglia) On Approval (Rediffusion), Half Hour Story (Rediffusion): In Loving Memory Of, Do You Play Requests?

, The Casting Session, The Money Spider, Out of the Playground Apr 1968: The Brahmin Way (Anglia) May 1968: Horizontal Hold (Anglia TV) Drama menu please click for my review- 2.2 Now Let Him Go 2.23 The Lady Of The Camellias 2.29 The Emperor Jones 2.38 The Widower 3.5 I Can Destroy the Sun 3.9 The Greatest Man in the World 3.16 The Criminals 3.53 Scent Of Fear 3.54 After the Show 3.65 Doctor Kabil 3.69 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime 3.70 Where I Live 3.85 A Night Out 4.3 Lena O My Lena 4.8 My Representative 4.14 The Cupboard 4.26 The Big Deal 4.27 The Man Out There 4.31 Danger, Men Working 4.36 The Ship that Couldn't Stop 4.41 The Omega Mystery 4.46 The Trouble with Our Ivy 4.50 Night Conspirators 4.55 The Hard Knock 4.57 The Fishing Match 4.60 Afternoon of a Nymph 4.70 The Paradise Suite 4.80 The Snag 4.87 The Chocolate Tree 4.88 Long Past Glory 4.90 The Swindler 4.91 Sharp at Four 4.92 Last Word on Julie 5.1 The Trial of Dr Fancy 5.2 The Cherry On The Top 5.6 The Importance of Being Earnest 5.9 The Hothouse 5.16 I Took My Little World Away 5.19 The Man who came to Die 6.6 Neighbours 6.10 The Night Before The Morning After 6.11 Don't Utter a Note 6.21 The Noise Stopped 6.22 Dead Silence 7.2 A Magnum for Schneider 7.6 Reason For Sale 7.11 Call me Daddy 8.1 Compensation Alice 8.14 Mrs Capper's Birthday 9.8 Edward The Confessor MYSTERY THEATRE: 1.5 Toff and Fingers 2.2 The Blackmailing of Mr S 3.4 Man and Mirror An actor was once quoted as remarking- "the way ABC talks about their Armchair Theatre, you'd think they were creating another Hamlet. " Yes, this was a popular judgement at the time, and I must admit I always avoided the series, especially when it went through what critics regarded as its golden era (1958-1962) under the direction of the brilliant Sydney Newman, whose name became almost synonymous with the jibe Kitchen Sink.

Perhaps however also, the brilliance of the Newman era had also departed. (June 7th 64), 5.6 The Importance of Being Earnest (Nov 15th 64), 5.9 The Hothouse (Dec 13th 64), 5.11 I've Got a System (Jan 3rd 65), 5.13 The Lady with the Albatross (Feb 14th 65), 5.16 I Took My Little World Away (Mar 14th 65), 6.1 The Paraffin Season (Dec 4th 65), 6.2 The Gong Game (Dec 11th 65), 6.3 A Cold Peace (Dec 18th 65), 6.7 The Pity of It All (Jan 22nd 66), 6.8 Man Without a Mortgage (Mar 19th 66), 6.10 The Night Before the Morning After (Apr 2nd 66), 6.13 The Walls Came Tumbling Down (Apr 23rd 66), 6.14 The Match (Apr 30th 66), 6.15 Pretty Polly (July 23rd 66), 6.17 The One-Eyed Monster (Aug 6th 66), 6.22 Dead Silence (Sept 10th 66), 6.23 Barrett Keller: His Mark (Sept 17th 66), 6.24 Light the Blue Touch Paper (Sept 24th 66), 7.1 The Floating Population (Jan 28th 67), 7.3 What's Wrong with Humpty Dumpty? The unusually helpful staff take him to the Railway Arms, where he is put to bed, a local doctor examining him.

ABC made a total of 373 plays, though the series did continue under ABC's successors, Thames TV. (Feb 11th 67), 7.5 Easier in the Dark (Feb 25th 67), 7.6 Reason for Sale (Mar 4th 67), 7.12 I am Osango (Apr 15th 67), 8.5 Love Life (July 29th 67), 8.6 The Education of Corporal Halliday (Aug 5th 67), 8.10 Split Level (Sept 2nd 67), 8.11 Poor Cherry (Sept 9th 67), 8.15 The Wind in a Tall Paper Chimney (Feb 10th 68), 8.16 The Scallop Shell (Feb 17th 68), Armchair Mystery Theatre: 1.1 Eye Witness (June 5th 60), 1.6 Flight from Treason (July 10th 60), 1.9 False Witness (Aug 7th 60), 1.13 The Dummy (Sept 4th 60), 2.1 Time Out of Mind (July 19th 64), 3.4 Man and Mirror (June 13th 65), 3.13 Ask Any Neighbout (Sept 19th 65). He's actually the famous painter Simon Kendall, who knows his "time is running out." A bevy of press surround the pub, where his family descends, though it transpires he'd been trying to escape from them.


  1. No. overall No. in season Title Original air date; 1 1 "Afro Ninja" June 4, 2009 2009-06-04 Crush video of a woman with fat feet crushing inanimate objects.

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