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Her mouth was warm as he shoved in and out, he couldn't believe how good she felt as she ran her tongue expertly up and down, then around, his engorged shaft against the roof of her mouth, then the back of her throat.

He felt pre-cum escape his cock, and the movement of muscles as she sucked, He pictured his juices sliding down her throat to her pussy and the thought made him want to finger-fuck her until she begged for the real thing.

He rammed harder and harder, forcing her face deeper in the chair.

"I'm alone all week without my husband and I'm ready to fuck almost anything! She gagged a little, but her wasn't letting her up, "Swallow my cum! Her mouth slipped of him and he stood up, grabbing her under the arms and raising her at the same time. " she whimpered, her one hand still rubbing her own crotch. " Dick worked at her belt and she joined in, "You really look like you need something! Dick now grabbed her hips and pounded her as hard as he could.His hands now slipped inside her blazer and around to the silkiness of the skin on her back. And now without any warning, he snapped at her, his tone completely changed, and she flinched as she heard "Tell me what you want, bitch.His hands then moved lower, cupping her ass and pulling her tight and fast to him. She tasted sweet, fragrance of hot sex, now overpowering their bottled fragrances. Tell me how you want to be fucked." She had the urge to suck his cock, swirl her tongue wetly around the silky pink head, "Fuck my mouth," she answered without hesitation.He pulled out of her lips before he came, She wildly thrashed her head side to side in objection, searching for him, "Let me suck you! " he groaned, "This big cock is going to fuck you, bitch," he warned." Grasping soft hair, he jerked her head, stretching her neck backward. He lifted her and pressed her back against the front of a van and grabbed at her black jeans, opening them and then pulling them down."I'll fuck your throat for you, my sweet little bitch.I'll stick my hard cock down so deep that you will feel it in your hot cunt," he hissed, pinching at both nipples with thumbs and forefingers as he pushed her to her knees. He opened his pants and pulled down his boxer shorts.Gene snapped at her the last time they went there and accused Cindy of teasing some guy. Piercing, knowing eyes, square-set jaw, finely chiseled features framed with just enough salt and pepper hair to give a wiser, sophisticated handsome quality.She liked men who were older than her, thinking that if she'd ever go to bed with a guy, she didn't want to have to teach him, too.She knew Gene would kill any man who tried anything with her, and he certainly could not accept her thinking about jumping into bed with another man!Gene would never leave her out of his sight and always knew where she was and expected her to be home from work exactly on time.


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