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Fuck quick no credit card

A handsome Fed Ex man stood before her holding a box in his hands. In her profession her clients often did not look nearly as good as the man before her.

His muscle toned body left her mind racing with what she could do to him."Great, I just need you to sign here Sam" he said handing over a small tablet. She stepped back inside and closed the door behind her.

Sam started to sign the box highlighted on the display. Sam tried to recall what she had ordered recently as she brought the package into the dining room, setting it on the table. " she asked herself noticing there was only an anonymous return address listed.

" she said, somewhat surprised and a little worried the belt was obviously for her."More alert now she took a few steps back and stood in front of a full body mirror.Before her was a woman of only 24 years still wearing the previous night's attire.A garter belt held up her black seemed stocking, surprisingly still in good shape from recent activities.She smiled at herself, never doubting for a second the power her lightly tanned perfect body gave her.Normally she would have answered the door dressed as she was but thought better of it."With my luck it will be a little girl standing there with her Mom selling cookies" she mused to herself." he questioned, tilting his head a bit to look inside."No, I typically fall into 'Other' on survey forms" she cryptically answered, returning his tablet with a smile."Oh... Using a knife from the kitchen she sliced the tape open, setting it down next to her.She opened the flaps of the box open and began sifting through the foam peanuts.Sam reached for her bathrobe and draped it over her body pulling the belt tight as she walked to the front door.Looking in the mirror near the door one last time she fixed her hair and makeup as best she could before opening the door. " he asked."Yes I am, but Sam is fine" she answered.


  1. Last year, I reported that creating a Google account requires entering your birthday if you are in the US. It seems that this requirement is no longer limited to the US and changing your location can't be used as a workaround.

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