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Then each gripped the other's right hand as to cause bleeding.

Klingons traditionally mated for life, and it was not uncommon for them to take commitment oaths after only one encounter.

Jadzia Dax described the Klingon mating ritual as the participants "jumping on each other like a pair of crazed voles." While some, such as Dax, found this exciting, others, such as Quark, found it particularly intimidating. It can only be assumed that the actual act of Klingon sexual congress was similar to the Human act.

(") Tom Paris also made a reference to this, when B'Elanna Torres attempted to seduce him while mentally bonded to Vorik during his pon farr, saying, "so this is the part where you throw heavy objects at me?

They would then scream at the new guy to sort them into piles by color, and lock him in.

and in his heart." ") The ritual began with each participant sniffing the other's right arm/hand.

But one time, they came back and the kid had just spread them out and was sitting there crying. So we could track them, we wrapped them head to toe in aluminum foil. The we gave them a walkie talkie and had them run, stop, walk slowly, run some more so we could track them. A rather notorious sorority at my college made new initiates call their boyfriends/love interests and have phone sex with them, with everyone listening.

They were shocked and started yelling at him again, "WTF is this? And through his tears, the kid says, "I'm colorblind! Of course, there was no radar test and you can't track aluminum foil anyway, so we just had new guys in foil suits... The boyfriends would have to be told after the call was over.

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Why did the Zen Buddhist get reincarnated as a Pizza Supreme?


  1. Another common dating ritual for Nacirema women is to take on the personas of distinguished tribeswomen of yore, stories of whom have been passed down through the generations from the elders, by pretending to quite literally be

  2. These have to be the frat boy heroes of the animal kingdom, with a mating ritual seemingly designed purely to get high fives from its bros. After laying her eggs, the female cichlid picks them up and carries them around in her mouth. Some males thus have spots on their lower body that resemble the eggs.

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