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Game dating powered by vbulletin

She is standing at the entrance to the mens room looking directly at me naked and did not bat an eye. She was holding the baby and carrying their clothes in a beach bag. If I dress her I need to dress him and I am still naked. Her daughter said she had seen a little peter on her brother and it doesn't stick out but his (meaning me) was a lot bigger and stuck out!

The kids walked on in and she stayed at the entrance for me to come to her to get the bag. The young girl asked me why it stuck out like that! I dressed the kids and sent them out and got my trunks on and went out. " Daughter says "his peter" I started laughing waiting to hear this answer. She went on and said I "I asked him and he said to ask you." The mom looked at me and was blushing.

By the time I was a teenager, the instructors were always men and they almost always went naked too.

I do remember the last swim class I took, where we showed up one day to find our teacher was now wearing swim trunks.

He was soon joined by a woman, and he told us we were to "act like the gentlemen we were," that she was the mother of three boys herself so seeing us was nothing new for her.

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Our schedules soon became a regular thing with dad and Jennifer coming in to swim right after the swim team practice.A woman instructor telling naked girls to act like ladies when in the company of a clothed man?) By then I was old enough to appreciate the "nude boy, suited woman" dynamic.They figured that after all it was the MEN'S locker room!Finally, the dad says good bye and Jennifer takes one more look at the boys and me. Like I said..a swim coach since 1983, I have a lot of experiences to share!The little girl said "It looked like a big thing" hahahaha Mom said well she didn't mean that his peter wasn't big and that as boys get older that their peters get bigger but sometimes they stick out. Mom said I think we have discussed this long enough now lets go eat. The high school had an open swim for families i dads bring their young daughters into the men's locker room.I understand their logic if the daughter is maybe up to three years old, but I've seen dads parade their daughters up to 6 or 7 through In order to get to the pool area, you had to pass through the showers--- I was washing my hair and had my back to the wall and all of a sudden I hear a little girl's voice say, "Hi Coach!Me and my gf were both drinking and late at night decided to go skinny dipping in the hotels indoor pool which was right outside our rooms. But very often there were women instructors, in bathing suits of course while we boys went naked.We got in an argument, and she stormed back to our room and took my clothes with her. I was drunk bit had sense enough to know the going back into the water alone was probably not a good idea. I kept taking classes at the Y until I was 15 or 16 even though I knew how to swim." It was Jennifer, one of my first graders who was going swimming with her dad.Jennifer's dad saw that she recognized me, so he stopped to introduce himself and say how much Jennifer enjoys school and PE. while the daughter is standing right there looking me over from head to toe Dad takes the shower to my right, while Jennifer took the only other shower which was to my left.


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