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Gay christian dating

However, just like Pharaoh, I'm a vessel prepared for destruction. Having said all of that, I guess it's safe to say I'm dealing with a lot of depression.

Scared for myself because what if I believed on the wrong side and go straight to hell?And if anyone has similar experience creating/participating in similar groups I would love to hear some stories/advice!Just thinking tonight about how much mileage the devil gets from his homophobia invention.I'm creating an LGBT Focused Bible Study on my university's campus (Partnered with a nearby church), and was wondering if anyone could recommend some specific scripture or literature for us to check out!Note: while this group is for LGBT individuals, our study won't be limited to just lgbt related topics, we just want to make sure any literature we study is LGBT friendly.To start off, I want to say that although I haven't been to a church in ages and spent some time denouncing my Christianity, I ultimately realized religion is such a personal thing.I believe in the love and teachings of Christ and I've come to equate God with love and try to remember that when looking at Christianity holistically.We've expressed our love to each other to the point where we know we might spend the rest of our lives together if this continues for a while longer.Both my parents have come to accept me as a gay man and are actually very liberal in their thought (esp for being Republican baptists) and I decided to tell them about us.Sometimes I feel as if I have no problems living as a Christian or living as a bisexual man, but not both together.However, I have no problems with other people being LGBT and Christian, but I can’t seem to internalize acceptance for myself.


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