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Gillian and david dating Jasmin chat 40 live

That won’t stop the fans from shipping them and exploring their off-screen chemistry.Last year, Gillian Anderson addressed their relationship with David Duchovny in an interview with .Give your dating life the makeover it deserves, and find what you’re looking for today!Despite people no doubt wanting to read more into their closeness over the years, Gillian insists that "there's nothing to it". Gillian went on to say of their relationship: “From a bird’s eye view, now, it looks quite sweet. At the height of The X-Files' success during the 90s, both actors became household names which caused turmoil between the two leading stars.

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“The X-Files” star Gillian Anderson is quietly dating Peter Morgan — the ­Oscar-nominated UK writer behind “The Queen” and “Frost/Nixon” — sources exclusively tell Page Six.

co-star Gillian Anderson are dating like so many fans want to believe."The whole thing about Gillian and I dating is so weird.

It's never happened, it's not going to happen, we're friends," the 54-year-old actor told star Tea Leoni from 1997 to 2014, is still on good terms with his ex.

He explained: "At times we were nuts with one another, where she [Anderson] was acting crazy or I was acting crazy, or we were both acting crazy."But the thing about being crazy is you don't know you're crazy.

I look back now and say, ‘Oh, I was a little nuts.' And I think Gillian would say the same. We get it, and forgive."The X-Files returned to a mixed reception from critics and fans but bumper ratings, with a hefty 3.35 million tuning in last Monday night.


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