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Learn to identify common phishing attacks and make sure to disable links in phishing emails.

Keep your information secure and never enter sensitive data following a suspicious link in an email. Email, unfortunately, is the most obvious choice for cyber criminals to make a profit.

Also, permanently delete all suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk folder. It is estimated that 2-4% of all emails contain some type of malware.

Email attachments are one of the oldest ways to spread malware.

Pay attention to what you agree to install and only download software from trusted websites.

The benefits of email outnumber any potential risks.

Although they might seem harmless at first, spam is far from risk-free.

Often there’s a link to a malicious site in the body of the message, which thanks to drive-by downloads automatically installs malware just by clicking a link.

Thanks to this malware, cyber criminals steal millions of dollars every year, even forcing companies to file for bankruptcy.

Malware is no joke, but there are certainly ways to protect yourself from it.

From creating safe lists, or choosing between automatic and manual filtering, users can avoid overloading their inboxes with unwelcome messages.

Email clients and webmail providers have filtering options, which enable users to select a level of protection.


  1. The ‘buy button’ will direct you to an enlarged view of the malware and a picture of the T-. Scareware is a type of malicious software that includes.

  2. Strains of malware, meaning that anti-virus software manufacturers are engaged in. Much like flu viruses and vaccine design, it takes the software.

  3. Since zero-day exploits are unknown to the software vendor as long as they are undiscovered, they give powerful access to the hacker. Most of these.

  4. Malware, a portmanteau of the two words malicious and software, is a piece of dangerous software that is designed to. These Hackers are notorious in the.

  5. Thanks to this malware, cyber criminals steal millions of dollars. Most likely criminals will continue to find new ways to exploit the usage of email.

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