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Greek camera chat room

In an audio chat, this is far less likely to be the case.

Some require specific computer platforms; virtually all require high-speed connections (DSL or better) to support streaming sound or video.

The constant return to the written word as a baseline of our discourse makes it less strange and strained for the student.

We believe that the primacy of the written word is fundamental to classical education, and we strive to preserve that where possible.

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Our math and language teachers make more extensive use of the Wi Zi Q system and Skype, allowing them whiteboard and audio capability, and other teachers have explored different conferencing software.The classes are lively, interactive discussions of the material—a chance for students to ask for clarification of textbook and website materials, get help with homework exercises, gain experience explaining what they have learned to their peers, and interact at a social level with each other and their teachers.Participation in discussion forces students to learn to “think on their feet” and see the materials from several different perspectives.Here as almost everywhere else, one size really does not fit all: there are students for whom this extremely verbal (but non-spoken) mode of communication is liberating and energizing, and those for whom it really is not the right medium.We’d much prefer for you to go somewhere else if that’s going to produce the best pedagogical outcome for your students.Bruce Mc Menomy to work with the Scholars Online environment and procedures and provide a reliable, low-cost, accessible method of class participation for all students regardless of platform operating system.Scholars Online teachers use our text chat as the primary mode of class interaction for most but not all classes.In written communication, there is slightly less tendency to “shoot from the hip”.The amount of time it takes to write a line or two, consider it, and hit “Enter” affords more opportunity for reflection.Live class sessions form the core of Scholars Online education.Teacher-led discussions of the material challenge the student to grapple with ideas and their application to real-life situations.


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