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Gridview1rowupdating event not firing

This has the side-effect of not notifying any applications using File System Watcher of file changes (writes) or Last Write changes. Close method is called; at which time notifications are picked up by the native API Read Directory Changes W used by File System Watcher behind the scenes. Optimization took place on Vista/Server 2008 and later, and file notifications don’t come as regularly as before, only on close now.

So if we don’t close the file, which Flush doesn’t do, we won't get the expected notifications.

The issue is caused by the second process updating the file with the Flush method, and a known limitation in this .

NET method: The Flush method of the File Stream class does not cause Windows to flush the file's metadata.

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Can anyone offer any insight into why this happens and how I can correct it.I know how to detect it, and how to program it, but I can't get the darned thing to fire! Private Sub Combo1_Key Press(Key Ascii As Integer) Print "Key Press: " & Key Ascii End Sub Private Sub Combo1_Key Up(Key Code As Integer, Shift As Integer) Print "Key Up: " & Key Code Print End Sub List244, I am focussing on the A-Z keys and they are the ones that do not register in the keypress event. If it is the same, I would suggest rather than looking for alternate code, to worry more about the main issue.Here is the situation in more detail: the combo box is on the parent form. (10k B) you can detect the window handle of the month Combo Box in the "Date and Time Properties" window in the lower right corner of windows. vb elmar, I got your code sample to work--at least I can get the focus to the combo box and I will look for ways to integrate the Get Foregound API into my code. -------- Private Sub Form_Key Press(Key Ascii As Integer) Print " Keypress on form: " & Key Ascii Key Ascii = 0 'prevent keypress to be detected on controls End Sub Private Sub Combo1_Key Press(Key Ascii As Integer) Print "Keypress on combo: " & Key Ascii End Sub '------------------------- If this is your case, and if you are blocking keypresses for a reason, then you might try this: Private Sub Combo1_Got Focus() Me.My problem is, if the form on which my custom control resides has its Show Modal property set to false, the event handler for the drop button does not fire!I have checked this by placing a msgbox inside the event handler.Another process was updating the file when it produced log messages.A Changed event should be raised whenever the size of the specified file changes. Now, on Windows Vista and later OS versions, this is not true.I had a sub routine in a regular code module, which declared and created an instance of my control class and ended by showing the form.The fact I declared my class variable within the routine was the mistake.That works fine on all forms.) Most of the child forms perform correctly, scrolling to the letter selected. when it drops down, you become a new Topmost window with a NEW handle. We are not blocking keypresses and the form's key press event is not firing either during this part of the program.But some do not, and in those cases, it is because the keypress event is not firing. Use the Getforeground API setting the focus to that new window. Here is a more complete description of the situation. The parent form has a different combo box for each child form.


  1. Problem with events not firing. the event handler for the drop button does not fire! I have checked this by placing a msgbox inside the event handler.

  2. Button click event is not firing in this code asp Repeater. how to fire button click event in repeater control in asp.net?

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