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Gta san andreas dating michelle cannes

Michelle is a mechanic and can be found at the water cooler inside the driving school in Doherty, San Fierro.She will not be in the driving school all of the time.Your car appears to become immune to damage during this special date, preventing road accidents from happening.If you get out of the car while Michelle is driving, she will drive off and the game will tell you that she stole your car, and the date ends as a failure.She will automatically turn it on herself if it's available, speeding up your car.Once the nitro runs out, and goes through the recharge time, she will enable it again.All you can do during this date is change the radio station and change the camera view.

Michelle can be encountered next to the water cooler near the back door inside the driving school in Doherty, San Fierro talking to a pedestrian, but is not always encountered, and often disappears if the player exits the Driving School or does a Driving School challenge.Michelle prefers to go to bars, with the nearest bar being Misty's in Garcia, which is not too far from where Michelle lives.The closest club is the Gaydar Station in Queens, which is a bit far from her residence.If you were on foot, just get into a car and you will automatically switch seats when she gets in.Now Michelle will drive around while the camera is in cinematic mode.After driving around for about 2 or 3 in-game hours, she'll drive back to her place and the date will end successfully. If you get out of the car, Michelle will drive off and the game will tell you that she stole your car.She will disappear right after the little cut scene though, so the car will just stop or crash into whatever is in front of it.If the player is already above 40% and the "Hot coffee" is already finished, Carl will respawn in the passenger seat of the vehicle that he and Michelle used for this date.Michelle will start letting you in at about 40% relationship, unless you've collected all 50 oysters in which case she'll let you in on the first date (unless the date fails). Claremont | John Craig | Mary Fortune | Frank Gold | Hammerfist | Philip K.According to Michelle, she has had a long-time passion for cars.She claims she began racing bikes at the age of twelve, and that her first car was a Perennial.


  1. Nov 19, 2012. Michelle Cannes Downtown, San Fierro, San Andreas

  2. GTA SA Girlfriend FAQ Version 1.02 Last Updated November 10, 2004 Game Grand Theft. This is a guide to the girlfriends in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Note that Michelle will not be in the driving school all of the time.

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