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How to not take dating too seriously

One of the reasons we created Fantasy Dating is to take the dread out of dating and replace it with fun.

But in order to do that, you have to stop taking it all so seriously.

When did attending events and trying new restaurants become laborious?

When did the anticipation of an amazing first kiss translate to a sucky time?

What happened to the excitement of meeting new people?

In order to meet all kinds of people and discover what does and doesn’t work for you, you have to date a lot.

Dating is a fun and exciting process that should help you narrow your search to find someone with whom you’re compatible.

But it's actually the opposite - in fact, it's the best possible thing you can do to find your Mr. And you're doing yourself and the guy a huge disservice by doing it any other way.

What I never understood about dating is that it’s not about turn out to be our life partner.


  1. Jan 4, 2018. Not so. Rather, I often pushed a date away as I overwhelmed him with my. But when we take dating too seriously, there's a tendency to.

  2. If you're normally not an anxious person but often feel dread rather than excitement when going on a date, that's bad. Dates are meant to be fun, so you should.

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