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Just as the FBI transformed itself to better address the terrorist threat after the 9/11 attacks, it is undertaking a similar transformation to address the pervasive and evolving cyber threat.

This means enhancing the Cyber Division’s investigative capacity to sharpen its focus on intrusions into government and private computer networks.

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Information is analyzed and disseminated for investigative and intelligence purposes to law enforcement and for public awareness.

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Citizens are targeted by fraudsters and identity thieves, and children are targeted by online predators.Hey, you know what your grandma always said: Variety is the spice of life. " —@megan_getz"I like it like that." —@Sarenda Sea Kitty"Please don't stop doing that." —@chelsie_shea"Take me now, you stud." —@tehsoupie"Harder baby, harder, don't stop." —@natyudez Now find out the two hottest things you can say in bed here.And while memaw probably wasn't referring to pillow talk, she had a valid point. Anything to add to the list of five-word dirty talk phrases? In the cyber world, such signatures are called TTPs—tools, techniques, and procedures.The TTPs usually point to a specific group or person.In a ransomware attack, victims—upon seeing an e-mail addressed to them—will open it and may click on an attachment that appears legitimate, like an invoice or an electronic fax, but which actually contains the malicious ransomware code.Or the e-mail might contain a legitimate-looking URL, but when a victim clicks on it, they are directed to a website that infects their computer with malicious software.And since the team's inception, the Bureau has investigated hundreds of cyber crimes, and a number of those cases were deemed of such significance that the rapid response and specialized skills of the Cyber Action Team were required. Members of the team make an initial assessment, and then call in additional experts as needed.Using cutting-edge tools, the team look’s for a hacker’s signature.These messages include instructions on how to pay the ransom, usually with bitcoins because of the anonymity this virtual currency provides.Ransomware attacks are not only proliferating, they’re becoming more sophisticated.


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