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Karen miday cincinnati trans dating

I have tons of pins still to try, a garage to clean out (so we can finally park in it!!

You must have a proteacher account (well worth it if you don't!!! It even comes with an awesome letter to send home to families explaining the Great Poetry Race.something about an instigator, someone who stirs up or bestows energy, not sure. then this girl sat down at our table and her appearance changed slightly.instead of asian she now looked like a cross between asian and native american, and she had gained a little weight. at this point she told me that she had been involved with demon worship/satanic occult practices, and this was mixed with depression and psychic attacks.she handed it to me, and i touched the diamond with my thumb and index finger to bless and charge her ring so that it would continue to be effective for her.well, that ring was *VERY* thirsty, because it sucked me dry.almost immediately i started blacking out and gasping for breath, and i couldn't let go of the ring.the girl and the two empaths just watched me without any definitive emotion.i looked back at her and said "i believe you, tell me more." then she said just a few words, maybe 7 to 10 in all -- AND I CAN'T REMEMBER THEM!!!i can remember the flow, the rythmn of what she said, "you are ___ ___ ___; energy ____" but i can't fill in the blanks! after that there was some stupid stuff about her having the typical asian crush on me, the patient annoyance/warning from my two silent empath friends and my intrinsic general resistance to both sexual undertones and character flattery (this carries into physical existance).this was a little weird and made me doubt everything she had said to me previously.but she said that she was trying to get out of this bad scene. it was a diamond ring with a very large diamond on it, maybe 1 karat. the metal of the ring i don't know, but the diamond had my attention.


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