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Sometimes the rumor is a fun one to discuss – personally, I liked the rumors about Brad and Diane Kruger, as well as the ones just a few months ago about Brad and his costar and friend Robin Wright Penn. I thought Robin was playing the wife of his character, but apparently the “wife” role has gone to Kathryn Morris, best known for her role on Star - Brad Pitt is “in lust” with his beautiful blonde costar in Moneyball, Kathryn Morris. Kathryn is giving me some Gwyneth Paltrow vibes, and Brad might still go for the “icy blonde” look. Brad took his shirt off because it was hot — sorry, “stripped off his sweaty shirt” — and a source says “she actually let out a gasp and teased him that she almost fainted.” Hmm, sounds like they’re in lust with each other. " and "What are the greatest Maria Ford roles of all time? Brad Pitt must be attached to every female costar, according to the tabloids. Not that it really matters, but I do think Morris has a boyfriend – this dude posing with her in the photo below.

Suffering a broken jaw, among other injuries, young Lilly was nursed by Ray Williams.Only thing that bothers me is that this isn't a comedy i mean it is a emotion filled and surely suitable for drama but i don't think that this movie is in the boundaries of a comedy.But it is good acting, there is nothing over used even the the boys are acting stupid as they would in a real world.“They’re flirting so much that it’s making crewmembers uncomfortable.” Um. Brad’s nickname for her is “Kitten” or “Kit Kat.” [From Star via Jezebel] I would probably get a little tizzy and light-headed if Brad was undressing in front of me too. Now, if Clive Owen started taking off his clothes in front of me, I would probably have a stroke. Sam has been kicked out of every school across the country.When he learns that his mother can no longer afford to keep him in school he and his friends start their own escort service, Cougars, Inc., to help pay for his tuition.Through this hilarious new job Sam and his friends explore the generation of Cougars who are desperately trying to stay young and loving every lesson they are taught.At the end of season seven, after rescuing her sister ("Shattered"), Lilly discovers that she's now an aunt to Christina's baby daughter. She thinks rationally and has a very strong, independent personality, but at the same time she also has the necessary compassion to deal appropriately with victims and their families.While cold and unyielding with criminals and suspects, she can be devoted to a fault in her concern for the suffered close ones of the victims.The order of these top Maria Ford movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Maria Ford movies will be at the top of the list.Maria Ford has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Maria Ford movie of all time is.


  1. With Kathryn Morris. Jeremy Ratchford. A handsome con-artist commits suicide as an awkward and overweight woman's dating-service tape.

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