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Richard lived with Cis, Elfed and their two daughters, Marian and Rhianon, in their three bedroom terraced cottage on 73 Caradoc Street, Taibach, a suburban district in Port Talbot, which Bragg describes as "a tough steel town, English-speaking, grind and grime".

Richard remained forever grateful and loving to Cis throughout his life, later going on to say: "When my mother died she, my sister, had become my mother, and more mother to me than any mother could ever have been ... she felt all tragedies except her own." Daddy Ni would occasionally visit the homes of his grown daughters but was otherwise absent.

The entire play did not have any dialogues, but Alpert noted that Richard "mimed his role".

In autumn of 1943, Philip planned to adopt Richard, but was not able to do so as he was 20 days too young to be 21 years older than his ward, a legal requirement.

Another important figure in Richard's early life was Ifor, his brother, 19 years his senior.

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It was also in 1943 that Richard qualified for admission into a University after excelling in the School Certificate Examination.

An orthopaedic surgical device for determining the joint force of a patient's knee joint includes a tibial paddle shaped to be positioned in the patient's knee joint and a handle extending from the tibial paddle.

The tibial paddle includes a sensor array positioned therein and configured to generate sensor signals indicative of the joint force of the patient's knee joint.

On rugby, Richard said he "would rather have played for Wales at Cardiff Arms Park than Hamlet at The Old Vic".

Richard was bolstered by winning the Eisteddfod Prize and wanted to repeat his success.


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