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Filo joined the Associated Press in Chicago in 1971 where he worked as a photographer for 10 years. Chat Moderator: The picture (of the girl kneeling in front of the killed student) you took at Kent State became one of a few that visually symbolized the Vietnam War era. The only person who I knew was killed was Bill Schroeder And that was through a mutual friend. And most of the exposures were 1/500 between 5.6 and f 8 depending on if the sun was behind a cloud or not.He has also worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Baltimore Evening Sun, Sports Illustrated, and has served as the National Picture Editor for Newsweek. Do you remember what was going through your mind when you took that picture? I met him in the student union several weeks prior to the shooting. Question from Dogg Berry: Can you talk about the sense of pride in taking the photo, mixed with a sense of "why must this be the photo I am known for"? John Filo: As you work as a photographer, it is a constant learning experience.This is only one example of hundreds of sexually explicit live streams broadcast daily on Bigo Live, which has attracted over one million users, most aged 18 to 25, since its launch in Vietnam on May 18, boasting 700,000 active daily users.

And as I was about to take the picture, and this was after dodging students who were running off the steep walkway away from the guard, I remember that. When I put the camera back to my eye, I noticed a particular guardsman pointing at me. " Question from cap0cap: Did the National Guardsmen seem to care what they had done? That was evident in that the squad that came over to examine the body of Jeffrey Miller was armed -- six or seven of them. The sergeant who did not have a rifle rolled the body of Jeffrey Miller over with his boot. The soldiers regrouped and backed away from the body and away from the crowd of people ... On so many of the great news photos, a lot of these moments have come from amateurs.I dropped my camera in the realization that it was live ammunition. After I did that self-check and turned slowly to my left, what caught my eye on the street was the body of Jeffrey Miller and the volume of blood that was flowing from his body was as if someone tipped over a bucket. My question is did you see evidence of that and also what was the SDS like at Kent state ? but that was a minute or so before they ascended the hill . But no real cause and effect, action or reaction that warranted a shooting. was on campus, but, I don't know how large the following was.I don't know what gave me the combination of innocence and stupidity... I started to flee--run down the hill and stopped myself. I wouldn't say it was a pervasive greatly numbered organization.turned the camera at his face and wrapped up on about a dozen pink pills on a white piece of paper. then proceeded to distribute the drugs to everyone in the room, before the lights went out and club music could be heard in the background. ended his live stream, the application’s view counter had calculated that as many as 15,502 viewers were watching the group get high in real-time.At am in another chat room, a young man with username N. was live-streaming himself touching the private parts of a girl lying by his side, all the while asking where his viewers would like to see him touch the girl next.I said, "I'll get a picture of this," and his rifle went off. As a photographer, it is nice to know that there is a photo that you have taken that will live a little longer than you will.And almost simultaneously, as his rifle went off, a halo of dust came off a sculpture next to me, and the bullet lodged in a tree. And the picture I made then was of Jeffrey Miller's body lying in the street and people starting to come out of shelter, and then a picture where Mary Vecchio was just entering the frame. Question from gaeschl: Over the years there have been rumors that the SDS and other students had attacked the guardsman. I saw guardsman struck with a rock on the helmet, heard the clunk ...At one o’clock in the morning recently, over 6,500 users were on Bigo Live, a live video streaming social network that allows its users to broadcast their activities live via smartphones to their audience of choice, and were still wide awake watching a group of three youths club-dancing for their camera phone.Out of the blue, a girl in the group nicknamed Trang said, “I’ll flash when the view count reaches 7,000. " Three minutes later, the girl smiled suggestively and pulled up her shirt to reveal her breasts in front of 7,234 live viewers.On that day, four Kent State University students were killed and nine students were wounded by National Guardsmen who were called onto the campus in response to protests and demonstrations against the Vietnam War.John Filo was a senior at Kent State working in the student photography lab when the shots rang out just after noon on that day.


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  3. We're funding the next VNGs," says Mr Thai, referring to Vietnam's biggest tech success story - the gaming, chat and e-commerce platform VNG, valued at $1bn.

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  6. Jul 10, 2007. A young woman lives with her boyfriend but hides it from her family, girls. and many couples who have moved together from other provinces live together.”. Internet chat rooms, web sites, blogs and columns in the state-run.

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