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Not being able to help Helen more than "any ordinary father could" frustrated him. He and Julie had been children when they learned the secret, and they taught Helen in their early teens.

Troy was a helpful and empathetic person by nature, and little more bothered him than a situation where he had the ability to help, but for one reason or another, couldn't. Susan was a grown woman when they taught her a year and a half ago and, for many reasons, teaching her had been an entirely different experience than teaching Helen.

And if he wouldn't have, then you've got to give him a memory of a whole new night where he didn't have sex with you, because you feel bad now?

Or you forgot to ask if he had a family who'd miss him before the evening started; so now, there's a bunch of people you have to go give memories of not having sat up worrying all night?

Troy, on the other hand, feared the world learning about their ability, and Helen knew how he felt about it too much to allow it to happen.

Almost a year ago, an enemy of Helen's had learned the truth about her power and dragged the Equals and Susan into their private war.

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One vice that Helen did not possess was the inability to laugh at herself.

If Santori can't handle a simple negotiation, tell the Ultimados 'Weapons Hard until I get there, that is an order from LA CONTESSA, not the Generalissimo' and have Ernst prep the chopper! " A door slammed on the other end of the phone, and Contessa Helena de San Finzione leaned against it and took a drag of her cigarette before putting the phone up to her ear. So, how much of it was really him and how much was you making him?

And do you risk telling him our secret, then making him forget again, to find out?

" "You'd punch my arm if I said something like that. He'd been needed most in San Finzione the past couple months and hadn't gotten to see much of his best friend and the permanent third member of their marriage.

His missing of them was cut short by a scream inside the bedroom.


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