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Make money promoting dating sites

And it’s a mistake I’ve seen many would-be Internet entrepreneurs make. So they develop a whole business around that product.

Some people, when first starting their online business, focus on creating a product, building their website, planning marketing campaigns, and setting up an online shopping cart/store. It sounds like these folks are covering all the bases for a thriving business.

Whether it’s a tablet or smartphone, computer speakers, mp3 players, smart devices for the home, thumb drives, cellphone cases, earphones… Everybody wants the latest technology (can anyone say new i Phone). The easiest would be to sell the products as an affiliate through an e-tailer like Amazon.

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Every product has a link to buy (with your affiliate link), of course.People these days more than ever are taking their health into their own hands.They don’t automatically trust what the government or their doctor tells them about their health or what they should do to be healthy. or is in a relationship but struggling and looking for a way to rekindle the passion, a whole range of products in the dating and relationships niche are there to help.Also known as self-help, this is a huge niche online. It’s a billion a year industry, and always growing.There are courses and programs, books, videos, online training, coaching. People want to feel happy, satisfied with life, and stress-free.In most cases, these categories have been around long before the internet and are popular offline in bricks and mortars stores as well. Companies have been right there with them with products helping them do just that: supplements, diets, weight loss programs, exercise programs, and more.As a marketer, you can’t ever go wrong on this niche.You’ve seen products in this niche everywhere: gluten-free, herbal remedies, supplements, detoxing… Anything that will promote a healthy lifestyle that helps avoid disease and makes you live longer. People always need advice when it comes to this area — one of the essential elements in life but so difficult to navigate.Possible businesses here include promoting dating websites, many of which offer commissions to marketers who send them new sign-ups. That’s not even mentioning all the snakes, guinea pigs, parrots, and other more exotic creatures people keep as companions.Once you have the products sorted out, you have to focus on marketing.One approach is to make money blogging where you highlight all the latest tech and products coming on the market.


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