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Marrying after 6 months dating dating site meetic

She can't touch my money now, and she has no access to money of her own, so unless she magically gets clean, the inevitable life of crime will lead to jail.

And you can bet your ass I'm not taking the kids to lockup to visit her. As a heads up from someone who visited their mother in prison/rehab growing up, it's not all that traumatic, and I'm glad that my grandmother went through the hardship and pain it must have taken to ensure that I got to see my mother at least every once in a while.

" He kept proposing as they dated until he finally said, "Well, I'm going to buy you a ring, and you can throw it away or do whatever you want with it." So she said, "Well, I might as well pick it out..."Still married and in their sixties so I guess it worked out. You may have heard that half of marriages end in divorce, but bear in mind that most divorces come from people who are serial spouses.

She claimed that it wasn't her..fairies were making the meth in her house. She is clean now, prison was the best thing for her.

They told me they "just knew" when they met that they were going to get married. Our fights are quick, we don't like staying mad too long.. We were talking about marriage by about 4 months and we were engaged at around 10 months. We just knew right away that we were going to get married.

In their every day married lives they are kind to each other, apologize for their mistakes, and forgive each other. The time between meeting and getting married was 15 days! Here's what worked in our favor: My biggest advice to those who decide to get married when they've only known each other for six months: Are you passionately in love? One thing our pre-marital counselor told us that really cleared our heads about it: "If you can think of any reason you be married, then don't get married."EDIT: We've been married a year and a half.

He's amiable and friendly enough, does what is fun and feels good..

I would suggest you try to live together before going so far as marrying, for at least a year or three. If there are any personality clashes, they'll come out then and can be addressed. My grandparents have been married for almost 73 years and no one in my family.

He has made quite the life since, and was an awesome father two his kids. It's just heart-breaking for those of us that still love them.

We still don't know where that woman is, last i heard she was in some jail down in Missouri or something. I dated a cop once who is now starting to suffer side effects of busting meth labs. When I was younger in my twenty’s I had a roommate who got hooked on meth to make a long story short the guy went through 150,000 in cash on meth and strippers in about two months.

He would come home with random animals like ducks, goats, owls (FFS! My grandparents started dating when they were 16, still together and they're about 80 now. When you're on your second, third, etc marriage, you are more likely to get divorced for your first marriage, but the "half of marriages end in divorce" statistic is about first marriages. The likelihood of divorce is quite a bit higher in subsequent marriages.

) and he would give away stuff to people that needed it, but without asking my mom first. My parents just celebrated their 32nd anniversary, and they dated for 6 years before that. Maybe, but the spirit of the thread is about people who got married soon after meeting.


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