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(as in, more than just a one-night stand.) Is Romance, like Nietzche proclaimed of God, dead? Perhaps, those of us who are hopeless romantics, we should resign ourselves to single-tude and make the best of it. It's being that's like death." She prophesies a grim, disturbing vision of single life in years to come: "All your friends will be married.When I share this thought with my friend Selina, she clutches me with a death-like grip. And married people only hang out with other married people. Just imagine the conversation — PTA meetings, vaccinations, pediatricians." A week later, I surprise myself by attending an exclusive, singles-only event.The handful of men who are present are slightly shy except for the tall, handsome, gregarious bartender.

Maybe I am too picky..I'd like to think that I know what I want.According to her, Indian men are uncomfortable admitting that they haven't had much success with women — and view attending a singles event as an admission of the same. Over the course of the evening, I end up talking to most of the four-five men (incidentally, the women number around ten).Two seem a bit stand-offish— or shy — and only start talking once they become fairly tipsy.Leave aside slightly annoying things like only posting group pictures – leaving it to you to go through every one and figure out which the common factor is.Hell, that’s not even including the plethora of Brad Pitt profile pictures. It strikes me then, that contrary to popular belief, there is a large pool of single, desirable women.Many of my friends, attractive, successful, women — what I would describe as 'catches' — are single or inhabit that shadowy murky vague land between the single-state and being in a relationship.The only people having fun are the mixed groups of boisterous friends out to party. He takes a swig of his drink, and then casually asks, "Do you need to read books to be a writer?As more and more people enter, drunkenly, we're pressed tighter and tighter together, armpit to armpit, leg to leg. A young man bumps into me, and strikes up a conversation. I've always wanted to write, but I don't like reading books." Suffice it to say, conversation dies quickly after that.So, why are there so many hot, attractive women who are single? "Have you ever wondered why the less attractive, less successful people get married first?" he asks, and proceeds to offer his theory: "The less attractive, less successful realise, from an early stage, that in order to survive they must pool resources together, and to do this in the most efficient and speedy manner, they can't afford to have high expectations. Attractive people, with a greater chance of success hold out for better, or don't feel the need to integrate resources." One of the other women listening on agrees: "I guess if you're a financially independent woman with certain freedoms —why would you want to marry a man with conservative parents, and tailor your life to his?


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