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It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah, Leonard I'm pretty sure that, when he wrote Hallelujah, Cohen would have agreed "Life's a bitch" and not "better to have loved and lost then to have not loved at all." Indeed, Cohen might also agree that, when you've been around the relationship block several times, you can't help but feel like "been there, done that" when it all goes to s--t. Someone asked the question who movingly sang "Hallelujah" at the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? I immediatelly downloaded Jeff's version and couldn't stop listening to it. I have heard many versions since then, but none of them ever touched me like that.

To be honest, I don´t know what is so great about this song. I find it monotonous no matter how well sung it is.

One song, two different meanings, but yet all come together as one because God created the Universe and us and we are not perfect when it comes to life in general, starting with Adam and Eve, and continuing on from there with Bible references, and we are not perfect and we make mistakes. Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, 'till then It will burn inside of me."It left her waiting, hoping, for something to release her, maybe the second coming. I admire the thought you put into it, being from a time when the Beatle's (alledged) musical and visual hoax that: "Paul was dead" greatly engaged me as a 12 year old. Be Well I'm not religious, but as crazy as it sounds, I think it's about Cohen lamenting a deal with the devil. He says he sings hallelujah to the "lord of song", which I take as gratitude at least for the beautiful music that he could create. There aren't many people in the Bible who have the benefit of actually speaking to God. For them, faith was not a requirement - they spike to God directly. "The baffled king composing Hallelujah" references David's doubt about himself, and the fact that he thinks he isn't living up to what he thinks God wants from him. This verse really gives a glimpse of how David is feeling, after writing song after song that falls short of expressing his feelings toward God, and his desire to worship, or please Him. David had an affair with her, and it started with him seeing her and coveting her.

And even though it all went wrong I'll stand before the Lord of Song With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah In verse 6 he calls it a cold and broken Hallelujah: And it's not a cry that you hear at night Bart - Ellicott City, Md has this pegged. That being said, the song is very mournful and sad to me. He had his best friend murdered so that he could have her.

The text is simly weird and I can´t really relate to it.

And most Canadians think of KD Lang's version as the cover of note.They give this song heights that really made me choke up,and have goosebumps on my entire body. If a song can elicit this much interest, interpretation and is performed and commemorated by such a wide variety of (real) musicians from a broad assemblage of musical genres, it truly is a work of art. I like Buckley's version, but my favorite is by Kurt Nilson, Alejandro Fuentes, Askil Holm and Espin Lind. His meaning and choice of verses has been the enduring one. It speaks of love making you one with the almighty that you would do anything for it and when it was true there is no rhyme or reason, however the joy that comes from it is complete and if it ends after that joining it is something that can tear out your heart and leave you to doubt, in yourself, your god, those around you.And,yes,it can take you to the place that mixes the sensual with the Biblical,and you cant find the line in between. Though I believe Cohen wrote it for the wrong reasons he was a genius at poetry and irony, and I am forever grateful this world had a chance to discover it.starting from the beginning, "I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord." David wrote most of the psalms. The next line is written to all who have no faith, and don't believe in the bible, let alone David. Despite knowing God, he still was willfully disobedient. It makes sense that he's referencing Samson, until the line "she broke your throne." Samson was a judge, not a king. Remember, though, this song was written by a person, and is not perfectly Biblical. We will go out of our way if we think it will make a girl like us.His falling short of God's expectations peaks at this point, and for the rest of his life, he has to live with what he's done - despite God forgiving him. However, there is a chance that the verse is split to make a point about women in the Bible. The last verse is a picture of David and other men in the Bible who continue to sin. There's an entire study of this, but, this comment is long enough. I love the song, not matter what lyrics are used, the music is beautifully written.Sorry Songfacts, but you are being a tad ethnocentric with this one.Perhaps a compromise is due- Leonar Didn't some one sing this song during the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver?its powerful, yet wonderfully simple, lyrics and melody literally strike such a fundamental, almost visceral, chord within people that it compels many to offer up their own thoughts about its meaning and attendant emotions.Since they're personal, all of these interpretations are valid, and none should be denigrated or confronted as being wrong.Eve didn't want to sin alone, so she asked Adam to join her. They've been here before, but seem to be powerless to stop it. I was told by an expert on the bible that the word virgin at the time of Jesus meant a very young woman; that it did not mean she was a virgin by our definition. Anyway it is another interpretation and there are certainly many when it comes to the bible.The abundance of comments and interpretations offered on Hallelujah illustrate why it is one of the most meaningful songs of modern times.


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