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Not only did she cheat on me with my brothers but also several other men and even a few women. She’s a nasty woman who talks like she has crap in her mouth. He stopped being a father to spend more time with her and she was ok with it.

She can’t be trusted don’t ever marry or have kids with this girl she will mess up your life for real. He says the only reason he slept with her was because he was drunk. She works in the hotel business to sleep with GM’s. This woman is in the highest position at a men’s halfway house in the city, acts as if she has it all together but that is very misleading. She was sleeping with a fellow staff/ex client at the program which is totally against the rules. When she was done having fun with the co-worker, she tossed him to the side (he wasn’t a prize either though). She becomes too chummy with other peoples husbands….wanting them to call out of work to spend days with her, when they say no, she gets angry and moves on to the next one…sleeping with woman in early recovery from drugs which is just plain selfish and screws with their heads.

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She loves happy hours and/or any opportunity to get wasted and throw herself at men. Maybe she’s used to that kind of trashy lifestyle though considering she has 2 KIDS by 2 different men, She needs anti-depressants to function, got herself thrown out of the Navy ,follows the husband and his family around town, blows all her money on changing her color of her hair and nails, which she has no MONEY all while getting her mother and baby daddies to pay her bills that she’s behind on…lol.The mother of two was spotted with 18-year old- singer YBN Almighty Jay as they enjoyed a night out in Studio City on Monday. They all know that anybody that gets seen with her will be in the news as she is always in the news so if they are seen with her they will be in the limelight which helps their career. One year down, forever to go, Till death, do us part - Jordin Sparks' husband Dana Isaiah tells her as they celebrate 1st wedding anniversary R&B Singer, Jordin Sparks, 28, and husband Dana Isaiah, 26, who both sec ...In one of the photos, Chyna wrapped up an arm around the singer's neck as they went bowling together. She has this infatuation with my husband for 15 years. She will not stop emailing and texting, after he asked her to stop. My husband and I are trying to get past this and she is still trying. Beware kids she also goes only for unprotected sex and one of her past partners was HIV positive. Natasha Ryanne Tafta, maiden name Natasha Ryanne Mattingley, aka Tash Mattingley, Tasha Mattingley, Tash Tafta, Tasha Tafta, Ryanne Tafta, Ryanne Mattingley; is a brother-hopping piece of sh*t.I was married to her for years and while we were married she slept with all 3 of my brothers. Who TF does that to her husband who f*cks all of her husband’s brothers?My hubby and his girls love to eat my bull's load out of me. Its an amazing sight watching him walk into a place, restaurant, club, etc. The looks are wild watching the folks staring and wondering since one is 5 months along and the other is 3. We have a pair who stay with us 2 weekends a month usually. This woman needs to seek some serious help, I mean she isn’t great of a kniving w*** as she can’t find anyone that will even marry her! Probably assumed he would support her a$$ while she laid around in bed all day being depressed.The hilarious part is she thought he would actually leave his wife and believed he loved HER and that THEY would be a happy little family one day. She was played and used like the empty shell of a human that she is!Supposedly she has quit Avigen but I am sure she will go after any married man she works with at whatever job she takes. I guess because her life is pathetic and she can’t keep a man she can’t stand any married woman to be happy so she ruins marriages to make herself feel better. She paid special attention to me buying me more alcohol. I have heard I am not the first and this is normal behavior for her.Don’t expect her to take responsibility for her actions though cause she is quick to try and lie her way out of things…but evidence does not lie. Being a light weight and not tolerant of alcohol she took advantage of the situation. She is a stalker and she is a gifted 1st grade teacher in the Tower Grove area.


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