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But, Novak told her that the sentence for rape three is one and half to three years and will only offer probation, if she takes the deal; but, Cassandra/Denise proves that she is not a grown adult or a woman.But, Novak looks at her without sympathy and still feeling deceived of who she is.

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When Detectives Benson and Stabler enter, Casey Novak told them that she had to refile her and think Denise will accept to take the plea now. A.s' from other states will be just as lenient, as it turns out that she will face numerous charges from other states; and, Benson told Novak that Denise's story came to light on the news wire, other boys are coming forward.

When they confront Denise, Benson shows her pictures of three different boys from three different high schools and states and asks her if she had any recollection with them and Stabler asks her that she had sex with these boys.

Denise reveals to them that they were her high school sweethearts.

After the discussion with Novak, a defense attorney walks into headquarters telling that he needs to report a rape which is Scott Heston, because he knows that Cassandra Sullivan is far older and has committed statutory rape; and tells Stabler and Benson to arrest her.

But, they didn't believe him, because he just was trying to boost the defense of the Scott's murder trial and prosecute Cassandra/Denise for his action and believes that Scott seduced her.


  1. A Macomb Township couple is charged with forcing a 29-year-old. Misty George and Michael Welch were. George and Welch were running dating.

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  4. Michael Welch, Michelle Hendley, et al. Directed by Eric Schaeffer. Runtime 1 hr 35 mins. I Kissed Dating Goodbye Apr 2, 2003. by Joshua Harris.

  5. Pretend. Edit. History. she shouldn't be in foster care and definitely not dating teenagers. Actor Michael Welch.

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