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Little did he know her friends were sitting at the table behind them and that they discreetly poked fun at him in Thai throughout the dinner. The same would happen in New York, in Miami, or in London.

It’s all about “saving face” and by letting her pick up a small tab, she will gain face.Those will seem awesome and friendly at first, but you’ll be one of many in their phones, no matter how much you believe you’re the only “one”.For one, I found that dating in Chiang Mai requires patience.You also want to look at the comments and “Likes” on her posts.Gauge not only the ratio of male and female interactions, but also expat interaction. This is where you’ll beat the competition 9 times out of 10.If you’re just looking for fun or a casual partner, these are the spots for you.If you’re looking for a serious girlfriend, you’ll need to consider Thai joints or any place that doesn’t serve alcohol and that isn’t frequented by many expats.No matter the age, a good Thai woman will always offer or insist to pay for a meal or drink.If a date never offers to pick up the tab, then consider that a red flag.The beauty and manners of the Northern Lanna women to me, when compared to other Thai women, is as different as night is to day.I’ve found dating in Chiang Mai to be a unique experience.


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