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Naughty kinect chat

That being said, if Sony releases the ps5 next year, the it puts me in a very difficult position, because they would be very hard pressed to release a new console next year, or at least be hard pressed to justify it since the x1x hasn't even been justified yet. Sony should wait for Micro$oft to release their “most powerful” system even more powerful than their last “most powerful” system.

That could leave Sony at least a year to itself for the next gen, which would be really bad for me since more power has proven to not be that much of a factor to.peoples purchasing decision, and by the time ms does get around to releasing their next console, Sony is likely to have stood games coming after the.launch draught. Then Sony can release an actual “more powerful” system with actual games! Sony will continue to do what Sony does best and that's release must have AAA games.

No one is insecure but rational people who are looking at the big picture realize that one E3 isn't going to change things.

I mean people thought removing Kinect and lowing the price would change things, it didn't.

They have no reason to change their strategy because there strategy is perfect and straightforward its MS that needs some serious catching up to do. With MS renewed focus they won't cheapen out on the hardware X1 and make it gamer focused.

But I think both are gonna be on par power wise this time around maybe one with a few extra bells and whistles. @nix get where you are coming from but this gen has been about Microsoft finding its feet again after what whappened last gen and the beginning of this one.

And all the things in between that people thought were going to change things... And your basically declaring Microsoft the winner of E3 before Sony has even had their show which has proven a mistake many times in the past.

Its obvious Sony will have to come out first with theirs, seeing as how its strongest console can barely keep up with Microsofts; then to add to that, games will become more demanding in processing power and the like.

Here's the quote in full: "The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming." Glad to see MS committed (apparently) to xbox hardware. Are they going to wait for the PS5 and design the next xbox to be even more powerful? What about MS's promise to double down on 1st party games? And I'm genuinely excited to see what Xbox does with the new hardware. I've given Sony the win at E3 for the last 3 years iirc. Despite so much fake concern about no studios being invested by MS, when it you have not 1 or 2 but FIVE studios being acquired by MS then you still spout nonsense. Compulsion games is a small indie studio who hasn't done anything great. The fifth studio wasn't an acquisition, but a new startup."Xbox finally got its shit together and that's the main thing." No they didn't. But they will have it together when games are hitting shelves without being canceled and there is a steady flow.Until then, it is just another promise and by now people should know better. But the reality is still the same as it was before E3 they don't have global support.That's the kind of fighting spirit that Xbox was missing from the start of this gen. talking about future console when one just came out a year back. this is pretty much what MS has been doing all these years since last few years of 360. bare-bone game lists, dependent on multi-plat and powerful hardware. Your comment alone tells me Xbox is doing things the right way. They are committed to Xbox Game Pass - an exclusives will be on it on day 1. If you take out the production value, the lip service (cloud, streaming, next Xbox, etc.) I think you're left with little new outside of the studio acquisitions.Now with Phil at the helm from before the start of the next gen, things will be Very interesting next gen and not as one sided as it has been for most of this gen. bare-bone game lists, dependent on multi-plat and powerful hardware. And it's hard to imagine a great deal more exclusives coming out of that arrangement since almost all have already been putting out Xbox console exclusives.Then people thought DX12 was going to change things, it didn't.People thought X was going to change things, it didn't.When you compare all the studios they shutdown to what they've now acquired, would you honestly say they're in a much better position now?They're definitely taking some steps forward after taking so many back, but it's far, far too early to say they have their shit together."...seeing as how its strongest console can barely keep up with Microsofts" Define keep up? Do you mean on a spec sheet or where it matters - what the gamer experiences.Try watching the Sony press conference tonight and discover who is having trouble keeping up.


  1. Naughty Dog. Neil Druckmann. Octopath. I mean people thought removing Kinect and lowing the price would change. LOL please stfu and chat to someone.

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