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Back to the broadcast: “This is looking increasingly excellent for Bomber right now.” We were a little more than a dozen minutes deep, and the momentum had reversed completely, such that the commentators would soon be discussing Scarlett’s “terrible situation.” So much for that vaunted gas pool.During our recent conversation, Plott explained to me that Scarlett is notorious for “carefully sneaking around these huge, possibly game-ending mistakes, and she’s so close, and you want to yell at her, like, ‘Stop it! ’ But she’s utterly patient.” Watching the game unfold, I couldn’t discern what those mistakes might be, but I detected a ratcheting up of anticipation in the crowd’s reactions, and in the commentators’ tone, and gathered that she had skirted danger successfully.Wear your favorite dashiki or African attire, as we celebrate our royalty through dance! Admission to this event includes a catered dinner ticket and a drink ticket.There will be no tickets sold at the door so get them now so that you can receive the Early Bird discount!The right hand, meanwhile, darts and clicks with a mouse, contrapuntally, so frantic that carpal-tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are common side effects.But that’s not what I was seeing as I reviewed the historic footage.Bringing Afro, Latin, Deep, Tech feelings into this track called Natural Spirit. We have quite a few request for this gem of which been dropped in quite a few places and the reaction have been phenomenal. Drop any of the mixes as they are all different ranging from Dj Phantom’s dope Afro Mix to Dj Buzzard who goes on … P (and there are a few) but “Wonderful” feat the beautiful vocals by Coco and mixed by CEe Holmes is very special in that it stands out on it’s …This track is sure to be a dance floor favorite is sure to hit you spiritually with the infectious beat and solid rhythms. View full post Kev Foushee returns after a hiatus and delivers this very nice dance floor E. View full post Here we go again with Glenn Gregory producer out of the United Kingdom with another dance floor gem entitled “Me Encanta la Musica” feat lovely vocals and snips of Mona Bode..

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—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Day #2 Saturday Aug 11,2018 The Dashiki Dance Party Join #Hot WMD for Day 2 of the House on the Waterfront Weekender as we present the Dashiki Dance Party!As the Summer closes in we at deeper SIDE of Cyberjamz Headquarterz are not holding back any punches.This time around Anthony Mc Cloud – NYC Dj Cloud-9 delievers to us a jam … Third game in a best-of-three series, a quarter-final in a tournament sponsored by Red Bull. Academic researchers now use Star Craft II—the “drosophila” of brain science, as one paper suggested—when studying people who expertly perform cognitively complex tasks. It’s as if Garry Kasparov had to plot a pawnless endgame while simultaneously harvesting minerals, building fuel extractors, and searching in vain for Spassky’s queen.With time, the red bugs received assistance from winged dragons flying in formation—mutalisks, or “mutas.” Red was fast. Firefights broke out every so often, seldom lasting more than five or ten seconds before one side retreated to focus efforts elsewhere and keep its army intact—the micro game ceding to the macro, in the parlance.There is no definitive scoreboard, just a variety of economic indicators, which describe potential rather than success.Baby Powder & Whistles-Jerz Peach Pt 2 Remixes by Dj ERV and Dj Phantom.Target release date Jul 27, 2018 Dance floor favorite Baby Powder & Whistles by Jez Peach gets a another make-over this time Dj ERV delivers a deep house mix with all the right elements for the dancers. View full post The 3rd Annual House on the Waterfront™ 2018 is going to be off the freekin HOOK ! Saturday Aug 11,2018 at Washington Yact Club 1500 M St SE, Washington, DC Join us for Day 2 of the House on the Waterfront Weekender as we present the Dashiki Dance Party! View full post Sal Negro – Natural Spirit – Ayize Songaa Recordings ,release this Friday June 29,2018 Here he goes again. X-Klussive David Britton Limited Edtion of “Blowing East” coming soon deeper SIDE of Cyberjamz. View full post Your Access is not Denied (Again) – Seductive Sapphire – The Remxies (Dj Phantom, Dj Buzzard, Soul-Cat & Ab7) Seductive Sapphire returnes with a new set of remixes to reprsent on the dance floors.I saw blue robo-soldiers (Bomber’s Terran marines) and red, buglike creatures (Scarlett’s Zerglings) scurrying around an apocalyptic space station—which seemed, despite the absence of any natural light, to be sprouting green shrubbery.Occasionally, the marines were flanked by friends (reapers) who appeared to be wearing jet packs.


  1. Cyber Hot Hits · Home. Select Page. Home. Listen to Cyber Hot Hits! Video Player. Cyber Hot Hits is a Registered Trademark.

  2. May 1, 2017. Cybersecurity for the People How to Keep Your Chats Truly Private With Signal. There's not much point in having Signal if all of your most private texts are. to send to a journalist, or if you're taking a sexy selfie to send to your bae. a name, a birthday, an 'A' number” — an alien registration number.

  3. There will be no tickets sold at the door so get them now so that you can receive. Sponsored by Cyberjamz Radio™ Real Women House™ Rescue Poetix™. at eventbrite – https//bit.ly/2Kcou9 Advanced registration is also required to attend. Limited seating available so bring your chair, or canopy it's gets hot, favorite.

  4. Playing Hot Hits on DAB+ in the UK across #London #Surrey #Kent #Brighton #Cambridge. THIS WEEK ON CYBER RADIO CYBER HOT HITS - #HotHits CYBER ROCK - #ClassicRock CYBER GOLD. Video assisted refereeANS = The #VAR referee does not take any decisions; he supports the. In this conversation.

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