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They continue to shamelessly identify and celebrate the very best ideas and they seek to support and encourage advertising that is pushing the limits of what is possible. - Sir John Hegarty."The Bigs always get me bursting with pride a wee bit- proud of being part of this brilliant UK creative industry, and proud of the truly incredible work we're capable of producing.

This year's awards will be co-chaired by Sir John Hegarty, a founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and Chaka Sobhani, the chief creative officer of Leo Burnett. Unsurprisingly I'm hoping to see work bursting with flair, confidence, originality and craft but above all, work that simply gives you the feels and makes you give a damn." - Chaka Sobhani Yes, we know, everything is digital now.

And a new generation of consumer has shifted the advertising landscape.

Agencies and the brands they work with are constantly adapting and evolving in order to stay relevant and to resonate with 21st century consumers.

Entries can include 6 sheets, 48 sheets, 96 sheets, giant posters, digital and interactive posters, cross tracks, bus sides, taxis, ambient posters and special builds.

In a digital world, analogue print takes a special place.

Entries can include TV ads, cinema ads, idents, online film (including You Tube), branded documentaries and brand films. Here, it’s the strength of a creative idea that absolutely demands it travel across multiple touchpoints and media - not simply one that appears everywhere.

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There are now more channels of communication than ever before.*Entries into the Charity category are also eligible if the space was paid for or donated by the media owner, who can vouch for the rate card equivalent value.Awarded to the best creative idea for a product within the consumer durables & furniture sectors.We want to celebrate the very best creative in print that makes the most of being in consumers’ hands.Entries can include advertising from business magazines, consumer magazines, regional newspapers, national newspapers, programmes and supplements, as well as special covers, wraps or tip-ons Digital broadcasting, music streaming, radio, podcasting...delivering messages via audio has evolved exponentially, giving advertisers access to huge and more diverse audiences.Campaigns into this category must make use of at least two different medium channels.The oldest medium and one that has been the vehicle for some of the best known and best loved ads of all time.Includes parts, accessories, tyres, lubricants and fuels, on-board navigation and in-car entertainment, maintenance and support services and motor sales.Awarded to the best creative idea on behalf of a charity, not-for-profit organisation or NGO.But some things will never change, the cut-through and impact of a great idea, well delivered will elevate some ads way beyond the reach of the rest.The Campaign Big Awards offer the perfect platform for the breadth of the British advertising industry to showcase their world-leading creative credentials.


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  5. OVERVIEW. Elsewhere is now accepting applications for 2019 Residencies due July 27th from creatives working across media, fields, and disciplines.

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