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Online dating for over forty

Yet, so many people over 40 despise the whole online dating process. You’re sick of putting effort into writing thoughtful emails that get no response and first dates that drain the life out of you.

If you’ve ever experienced false starts and frustrations in online dating, you probably feel like online dating sucks. There are a few—going on meetups, or being super friendly and starting conversations with everyone everywhere you go.

I do expect him to help me out of my coat, to be able to hold a conversation, to pay for the date and open the door when we’re leaving.

Also, don’t come in jeans or cargo pants or shorts with flip-flops if we’re meeting in a nice restaurant. And going through the process of breaking up when it becomes clear there is not long-term relationship potential takes a toll on your heart.

I hate the uncomfortable feeling of the first meet.You are picked based on a two-dimensional picture, which says nothing about who you are on a substantive level (we all know men do not read profiles). Men who are attracted and interested in a real relationship will usually read women’s profiles.] Not knowing if I should call/text or should I WAIT for his call/text?It’s confusing to me to what extent I should take initiative, and to what extent I should just wait…Sending a thoughtful message and not getting any acknowledgement, even if it’s that they’re not interested.Women and many men have been very hurt, with egos bruised, from their prior relationships.I feel that what holds them back and is hurting both them and the dating process, is that men do not do their inner work to heal and move forward in positive, healthy ways.In the past, even with online dating, getting offline was much faster and smoother.Now, there is endless texting, the initial meeting might never occur, and when it does, no one wants to waste their time on a real date. I feel like everyone (myself included) has become emotionally unavailable and unwilling to take the time to get to know each other.I don’t want to hear men’s horror stories about other woman.I am not her, and isn’t everyone innocent until proven guilty?But, if you want to find lasting love and you’re over 40, online dating is still your best option.You’re not socializing with singles on a regular basis. You don’t get set up often, and when you do, it’s usually just because the main thing you have in common is you’re both single.


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