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Patrick stewart dating now

I have heard it 10,000 times, but I have to listen all the way.

There are other songs that I like, but that I have heard a lot as well, and I often change the station. I was born in 1977 but I grew up listening to my dad's LPs and this song was always my favorite.

I had just gotten out of the Navy and gone back to college to finish my degree when I got an assignment in government class to go see a new movie about the revolution in Indonesia, with some unknown stars in it named Linda Hunt, Sigourney Weaver, and Mel Gibson; and this song was playing at the time on the air. I know it's not about a cat but the day I heard it again was the day I had to put my sweet little 15 yo Russian Blue Lulu down due to kidney failure.

Given the atmosphere of the movie and the theme of the song, it's hard not to equate them - an ex-pat being led who knows where by unknown people in an unknown and mysterious land by possibly untrustworthy people. When this song came on after Lulu was gone the flood of emotions that I was holding back just rushed out.

I don't see the connection about the comedian to the song, though. Maybe the Casablance reference gives a bit of the reason.

It sounds like it is a story about leaving reality and life behind, to go to some country where "they turn back time" to meet someone amazing, and then use them as a reason to hide from the reality of life. People went to Casablance to escape the war, to escape reality. When this song came out, I was dating a man whom I loved very much. One night, he told me that this song reminded him of our relationship.

I'm rambling but I always associated YOTC with an Asian woman from a country that follows the Chinese calendar.

I am 3 times her age but I will take care of her and her child.

A magnificent song.has everything- compelling narrative, infectious melody, wonderful instrumentation (particularly when the strings come in after the bridge).The song played in my mind throughout the experience.Even today, whenever I hear this wonderful song, I am carried back to that time and can re-experience this event in my mind.Both girls and their families were refugees from the first wave. Early in the trip I became attached to a 20 yo girl who I met in one of classes.I eventually went to Viet Nam and found the house where my late wife had lived. We spent the rest of the trip together and I will return in October.Like Judy in Virginia, I got married in the Navy, and like her, I lost my spouse a few years later - she loved this song, so hearing it these days has a whole new set of attachments for me. I had only heard the radio version of this until recently, so I didn't know about the additional verse. He is fantastic at what he does, and does not need the limelight. This song was popular when my husband and I met in Japan when we were in the Navy. Recently lost him and this is one of the songs that was played at his funeral from me to him. So for me now and forever 2016 will always be the Year of the Cat. I'm 42 now and yet still everytime I heard this song I'm flooded with emotions no other song could ever compare to.I'm sure there are others here who also didn't know it. Kind of cryptic that such an upbeat, and melodic song like "Year of the Cat" evolved from such a dark situation. You evolve and share the evolution with the world good or bad. This song became one of our songs as when we heard it we would reminisce back to when we met. The incredible beauty of the instrumentals and lyrics as well as an intuitive sense that this song gave me the my very first introduction to grief and sadness, the type of grief that runs through every inch of your soul and is a part of you until you take your very last breath.A beautiful looking Korean prostitute suddenly ran toward me and grabbed me by the arm and led me to her hidden room in the market. I., it was one of my first (and greatest) sexual encounter that lasted for an entire day and night.Throughout this experience, I couldn't help but notice the similarities to the song and my own experience.It comes before the final verse and goes: Why she looks at you so coolly? She comes in incense and patchouli So you take her, to find what's waiting inside The year of the cat. The timeline of this song paralleled the beginning of the end of my parents marriage and they were divorced by the following year.My wife and I saw Al some time in the 80s I believe at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. I have to wonder if the song is not about the year of the cat itself, but a girl born in the year of the rabbit/cat?


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