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Peace corps dating service

I could also fit some other random things in that particular bag as well since it was larger than the backpack.EDIT: The hiking backpack I got was a 60L which is a medium size one.Hi, no peace corps experience here, but I just got back from 3 months travel abroad (including multiple flights) with a hiking backpack, and the straps could be tied up and were never a problem.If you're considering this option and you're really worried about it, you could also buy a rain fly to go over the bag that can be tightened over the straps.There's some volunteers who kind of whore their way around the intake who didn't do that sort of thing before.And there are some people who were pretty sexually active before hand who choose to focus on being in their villages and not really engage in any of the hookups culture.

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Brought a large duffle too, but the baggage claim belt ate it when we landed for pre-service. At first they handed me a cardboard box, but when I explained that would not work due to starting PC the people at baggage claim were nice enough to give me a huge hardsided bag for free. I'll look for cheap-but-durable looking large duffels. I'm pretty petite so I think anything larger might knock me over onto my back...I've always thought my would be to bring one large backpacking/travel backpack, plus either a large duffel (that rolls? What have you or others brought to country, or what are you thinking of bringing to country? Edit to add: Anyone with experience with hiking packs, how much gear capacity did you go with or recommend?I just bought the 2 largest duffle bags I could find that I knew would meet the size restrictions.What has your experience been like dating during service? I ended up dating a woman in my village for about a year. I was alone in a fairly remote site, so HCNs were the only option for romance.We have been successful so far in our goal to see each other once a month and we talk often.I definitely didn't come into Peace Corps with the expectation or even hope that I would meet someone, but if it happens it happens.A light-hearted topic to keep everyone's minds off of the shutdown business!Staging is quite far in the future, but I'm a worrywart.I didn't go for rolling ones because they cost more, the wheels take up valuable space, and I figured I'd only need to transport them 2 or 3 times.As for a hiking backpack, I just stuck it in one of my duffle bags because I didn't want to risk the straps being an issue at the airport.


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