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Penpal online dating

But to each their own." -Amy, 25 Risqué Profile Photos"I'm all for a unique profile photo — it makes you stand out and shows that you're able to not take yourself too seriously.

But it crosses the line when you're not wearing anything but a leaf..are posing next to two naked women." -Amanda, 25 TMI"I'm honestly really never up for listening to a guy talk about the grooming habits of his beard, but I am especially un-interested in hearing a guy, who I've never met, but presumably wants to get close to my face at some point, talk about all the hard work that goes into his facial hair.

To hopefully keep you from making some of the same mistakes I have, I’ve called out five of the worst messaging behaviors that will serve as your “do not date him” red flags.

Did you join a dating app just to have a handful of strangers as digital pen pals? However, a lot of us fall into the trap of leaning on dating apps for entertainment when we’re bored or need a distraction.

Once you start engaging in a messaging conversation with a guy on an app, it should become clear rather quickly whether or not he’s worth your time. He’ll talk about his family in a way that doesn’t seem earnest.

He’ll ask you a question that makes you pause and go, “Huh? With so many worthy, wonderful guys out there hoping to match with you, there’s just no need to waste your time with someone you’re not excited about.

Or maybe you saw Mila Kunis or Justin Timberlake accompanying a soldier to a ball and thought that you wanted to connect with some of the dashing men and women in the military too?

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When it comes down to it, if he can’t message like an interested, engaging person, he certainly won’t date like one, either.

Dealbreaker." -Katie, 29 Feeling Your Sexuality ...

Through The Computer Screen"I'm generally the most responsive to guys who actually read my profile and take something interesting from it to put in their message to me. I'll pass on you feeling my sexuality through the screen, man.

I have recently been in conversation with a few different guys whose texting language I found absolutely repulsive.

These men referred to me as “ya” instead of “you,” would send entire paragraphs of text without a single mark of punctuation, or would throw a casual “lol” at the end of almost every statement.


  1. A community for discussing the online dating app Tinder. and how do people recommend making it clear that you're not on tinder for penpals.

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