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Pharmacist professional online dating

A prescription may not be issued in order for an individual practitioner to obtain controlled substances for supplying the individual practitioner for the purpose of general dispensing to patients. The person knowingly filling such a purported prescription, as well as the person issuing it, shall be subject to the penalties provided for violations of the provisions of law relating to controlled substances.

A pharmacist also needs to know there is a corresponding responsibility for the pharmacist who fills the prescription. A pharmacist is required to exercise sound professional judgment when making a determination about the legitimacy of a controlled substance prescription.

An order purporting to be a prescription issued not in the usual course of professional treatment or in legitimate and authorized research is an invalid prescription within the meaning and intent of the CSA (21 U. Such a determination is made before the prescription is dispensed.

The law does not require a pharmacist to dispense a prescription of doubtful, questionable, or suspicious origin.

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A prescription for a controlled substance may only be issued by a physician, dentist, podiatrist, veterinarian, mid-level practitioner, or other registered practitioner who is: To be valid, a prescription for a controlled substance must be issued for a legitimate medical purpose by a practitioner acting in the usual course of professional practice.

The practitioner is responsible for the proper prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances.

The prescription must also include: A prescription must be written in ink or indelible pencil or typewritten and must be manually signed by the practitioner on the date when issued.

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