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Pics of dick sent thruogh chatmates Freematy erotic chat

If it’s not going to work, they know early on, but that’s still not any way to get to know someone.Sending an infamous phallic photo may actually be something guys don’t put a lot of thought into (clearly) before doing.” We’re not saying that sending a dick pic is as instinctual as our basic human needs to eat and sleep, but achieving sexual satisfaction could be reasonably thoughtless.We can’t *totally* justify this reasoning, but also we get it.For some women, dick pics can totally be a turn-on when they’re unsolicited—everyone is entitled to their own sexual preferences.But we speak for a good number of ladies when we say that the male penis is not aesthetically pleasing or a turn-on unless it’s actually being used for sex. Your penis is great, but it’s really not as sexy as think it is.

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They don’t have to put any personal investment in the message or romantically convey how badly they want to sleep with you.

Not in the way that they’re totally clueless about what women really want to see (their abs and nice hair), but because sending a nude just seems like the natural course of action. ” says Erich, a junior at the University of California, Irvine. I don’t plan on doing it or really give it much thought when it’s happening, but after then I’m like ‘okay, cool.’ I guess you could call it sexual release.

My body tells me I need something to feel better and then I do it!

are pretty common thoughts that go through our heads while we’re spiraling. We asked seven men what makes them send us those confusing AF dick pics, and for once we were disappointed with what we got back. It’s not uncommon for us to project our fantasies onto men and women either.

Could guys be sending unwarranted nudes because they’re actually just projecting their sexual desires onto us? Whether we’re holding them to the standard of Benjamin Barry from , building them up to the point of fiction or saying “I love you” just because we want to hear it back, we women are totally guilty of projecting too.


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